My Mom

Because many of you who read this blog know me personally, you know that we’ve been going through some tough stuff lately.  I decided to write about this because I have to share a really neat story about my mom’s friends.

3 1/2 years ago, my mom was diagnosed with cancer.  She has a very rare tumor that started in her chest, called a thymic carcinoid tumor, which is a type of neuroendocrine cancer.  When she was diagnosed, we were told that she is one of about 150 cases in the world.  So there is virtually no information on this.  She’s been through surgeries, radiation, tons of chemo and for a while, when the cancer was dormant, just a monthly shot of octreotide.  Last year, the cancer grew larger in her chest and also metastasized to her liver, and through a special kind of chemo, the liver tumors were gone.  They were back by August of 2007, and Mom decided to go ahead with another kind of chemo.  This one is 3 days of treatment, and then 2 1/2 weeks off, and she’s been doing this for 5 months.  We just found out last week that the tumors have again metastasized, this time to her stomach, lung, and spine.  She has bravely decided to try another kind of chemo.

Through all of this, we have had the most amazing support of family and friends.  My parents live in the same small town that my mom grew up in, and therefore, she has many close friends that she’s known since elementary school.  Many of these women play Bunco together once a month, and last night was the first time since the most recent bad news.  She sent an email to all of them before the get together so there wouldn’t be that awkward “what should we say” moment with everyone.  So when she got there, all of the women were holding umbrellas, to “shower her with love.”  They had made a calendar and filled in dates that they’d all bring dinner to her and my dad.  And at the end of the evening, the bunco winnings were given to her instead of divided like they usually are, “in case someone forgot to bring dinner” and they had to pick something up.  Or so they said.  When Mom got home, there was a lot more money in the envelope…the girls just wanted to be able to do something to help, and since the insurance that my mom has to be on is so expensive, they thought this was one way that they could pitch in.  I just think that’s so incredible.  We are so blessed to have these amazing people helping us through all of this.  It makes it easier for me to know they’re there, taking care of her, when I live 2 hours away.

So, to those of you reading this, just pray…thank God for the people in your life who help you through rough times, and for the family and friends helping us through ours; pray for healing for my mom, and wisdom to make the impossible decisions that have to be made, and peace when a decision has been made.  And truly, truly, be thankful for your health.

This story is continued throughout the rest of my mom’s life. If you’d like to read the rest, here are the links.
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9 responses to “My Mom

  1. can I steal this for my blog? I’ve been wanting to write about it for a while and this is perfect

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  3. Awesome post Nic 🙂

  4. wow, this is a great testimony to the power of prayer!

  5. Wow. . . that’s awesome. Sometimes with all that’s going on in our own lives, it’s easy to forget how the little things we do to help others can make a HUGE difference to them.

    Your mom has great friends. . . which is a testament to how great SHE is!

  6. My Darling Nicole,

    You couldn’t have said things any better! Thank you for the testimony to all of our family & friends, who have been our “life support”, including for our children and grandchildren.

    We are so thankful to God for having given us these people in our lives! We are grateful for your prayers and know God is taking care of us all!

  7. Nicole, you did a beautiful job writing this. I know your mom would be one of the first ones to help out any of her friends if they were in the same situation.

  8. Nicole,
    We all love your mom and wish we could do MORE for all of you. As Mindy said on the way home from Bunco the other night, your mom is one of the “goodest” people we know! That’s for sure!

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