Wine and Cheese and Open Houses

Saturday was c-r-a-z-y around here.  It was preschool registration day for Bennett for next year, and they have you line up in your cars and then hand out numbers to go inside to register.  The numbers were handed out at 12:45.  Because I know how it is, I got there at 9:30 and almost cried when I discovered I was the 32nd car in line.  The first person had camped out all night.  Not kidding.  I understand it’s important to get the class that you need, especially when you have more than one child at more than one school (I thought I was doing great getting there so early!).  By the time they handed out numbers, there were 79 people in line.  I got the class I needed for Bennett, thankfully, so I think everything will work out with getting both him and Luke to their respective schools on time next year!

Sat. afternoon we dragged the troops to Lowe’s to look at stuff for the bathroom remodel we’re planning.  They loved it, of course.  Actually, it went well, but by Saturday night we were wiped out, and anxious for it to be Sunday because…

…on Sunday we got a sitter for the boys for the whole afternoon!  We had tickets to a wine and food event sponsored by Matt’s employer.  More on that later.

After our sitter got here, we realized that we would have time to go see a couple of open houses without dragging the kids along.  While we do hope to move in the next year or so, going to open houses is just something that we like to do.  Heck, it’s the reason we bought this house we live in now!  Anyway, there were three that we wanted to see: one that’s for sale by owner and open all day on Sundays, so we knew we could catch this one on the way back; one in Kirkwood and one in Fenton.  We got to the Kirkwood one, and it wasn’t open until 2, so not wasting our time.  And it was a 2-story which is not my first choice.  Onto Fenton, where we went to a new neighborhood…totally overpriced houses, full of builders-grade stuff, and a completely annoying sales person to top it off.  No thank you.  Still, we always consider these “failures” learning experiences, gaining info on builders we like and don’t like, neighborhoods we’d actually consider living in, etc.

So, we went on to the Wine and Food Tasting thing which was at the Chase Park Plaza, not somewhere we frequent.  (Side note: on the way there, we heard Fergie’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry.”  WHY do I have to sing that song at the top of my lungs every time it’s on?  I just cannot resist.  Anyway.)  We had free VIP tickets, since Matt’s employer is a corporate sponsor along with Schnucks, and the proceeds from this event benefit the Repertory Theater.  We were told to go to the VIP room downstairs first, as the food is better and the more expensive wines are in that room.  This was my assessment of the room: great food, not my favorite wines (there was nary a Riesling to be found…I hate dry wines), lots and lots of boob jobs, facelifts, faux tans, and some Hair Club for Men.  The fake-boob girls were WAY overdressed compared to everyone else in the rest of the place (I mean we didn’t look like hoosiers, but you know).  Me and my dollar-spot Target purse?  Not exactly fitting in, thank you very much.  But isn’t it cute?


So after Matt got to try a few expensive (like $700 per case) wines, we went upstairs to the big event, which to me, was so much more fun.  There were probably 60 vendors, with tons of variety…lots of Rieslings (yummy) and so much good food, from chocolate-covered strawberries to dips to meat and of course, cheeses.  We were starving when we got there at 2:15 so this was a welcome sight!  This is definitely something I’d do again (especially if we had the tickets for free!).

We had time to stop at the open house close to our home on our way back.  I’ve been dying to see this house, because it’s been on the market for months and it’s in a neighborhood we’d be OK with.  But, it’s both out of our price range and we’ve suspected it was overpriced, too.  Oh my goodness.

When we walked into the front entrance, which is 2 stories tall (I know, it’s a 2 story, but I wanted to see this one anyway), it was covered in wallpaper.  Of course, my immediate thought is “well that has to come down.”  As we made our way through the house, though, I nearly broke out in hives.  There was wallpaper EVERYWHERE.  Literally.  On every surface that stands still except, I think, one bedroom.  And not just a subtle print.  Really loud, obnoxious prints.  The homeowners said that they realized that it wasn’t everyone’s taste, so they were willing to have it taken down and painted white.  And I am able to see past ugly wallpaper and get a feel for what the house could look like if we lived there.  But, everything else was so worn-out looking and dated; they were talking about putting a granite countertop in, but were going to leave the old, ugly oak cabinets with green ceramic ball pulls.  So, that whole experience was really disappointing.

We got home in time to take the boys for a walk around the block, even though it had gotten significantly cooler since mid-afternoon, and settled in for the evening.  Matt and I watched “Ocean’s Thirteen,” which was pretty good…much better than 12, and not nearly as good as 11, but worth seeing, we thought.

Hope you all had a nice, relaxing weekend!

10 responses to “Wine and Cheese and Open Houses

  1. Nicole, wallpaper is coming back in style according to Mike’s design mags.

  2. Sounds like a full wkend! The wine tasting is something we’ve never done – sounds very fun & la-de-da! Your purse is cute, and if you’d seen it on the arm of one of the babes, you’d have probably thought it was expensive!

    The wallpaper – even I (queen of wallpaper) might have been overwhelmed. As Melissa said, from everything I’ve heard & read, it IS “in” again; nevertheless, I know it isn’t “you.” And here I’m slowly taking it down in my house!

    So glad you got Bennett taken care of for next year! Geez, like a rock concert line!

  3. There is some wallpaper that I could live with, no doubt. None of it was in this house. And I just don’t think we’ll be quick to wallpaper, given the hassles we’ve had trying other peoples’ work down.

  4. i wish Joe’s work would send us to a food/wine tasting…but for some reason our church doesn’t do that 😦 hehe

    glad you had such a nice Sunday, you deserve it!

  5. Hi Nicole,
    The open houses reminded me that we had an open house across the street from us this weekend. We have two houses for sale in our loop actually. I didn’t know you guys were looking to move… I don’t know if O’Fallon is too far out for you guys, but we are absolutely in love with our neighborhood (tons of great families and awesome amenities!) and would love some great new neighbors with built in playmates for the kids!! Let me know if you guys are interested in coming out to look at these houses!! Say maybe on Sunday before the superbowl party?… haha!

  6. I’ve been curious about that house!

  7. suzanne mccullough

    i’m jealous. it’s been so long since we’ve been on a real date that i think i’ve forgotten what they are.
    how fun!

  8. Glad you had a great weekend! Norah is anxious to see Luke next weekend!

  9. Have you ever seen this blog: I just discovered and thought you might also like it.

  10. that is INSANE that cars were lined up that early!!!! i really hope everything is online by the time my children are in preschool…

    the wine and cheese party sounds like fun! i’ve never been to one before. i’m hoping to go to Napa one day 🙂

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