New Year’s Goals Revisited

Since we’re 2 months into the new year, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on how I’m doing so far…and have you all keep me accountable for my failings! If you didn’t read my post about this, you can clickety-click here to review what I decided to do this year. Honestly, I had to look back at the list to make sure I remembered.

1.) The one about “get in shape, girl”…well, failing miserably on this one. Though I’ve lost a couple of pounds, I’m nowhere near where I’d like to be. I don’t care what size I wear. I just need to get toned! The boys and I have started to do a workout video together, and they really like it and ask for it, so that’s a step in the right direction. For once, I wish Al Gore was right about global warming, and this freakishly cold winter would end so I could go outside and walk.

2.) The one about the anti-aging and facial care. OK, I started off SO good on this one. Then, this happened (see number 1). So I’m getting some stuff from my sister-in-law to try out and see what I think. I am overall doing slightly better at nighttime makeup removal.

3.) The one about the laundry. OK, I’m actually doing better here. Not doing the laundry daily, but I am doing a couple of loads a day, a couple of days a week. Then I fold a bunch of it while I watch “The Biggest Loser,” because I can guarantee that I will spend 90 minutes in front of the TV on Tuesday nights. (We record it on an old-fashioned VCR and play it back at 9pm).

4.) The one about the peeing in the potty. CHECK! Bennett amazed me, and accomplished this one in only a couple of weeks’ time. Hooray!

5.) The one about the Bible. Well, Matt and I read together probably 4 days a week, and on the other days, I’m working on one of my Bible studies that I’m involved in. So I feel pretty good about this one.

6.) The one about politics. Um, I’m doing OK on this, I guess. Does not liking any of the candidates (or liking one who can’t win) count? And will Hillary please just give it up already?  Ugh.

In regards to making my bed, I think I’m at 75% on this one. That’s fine with me.

Also, related to goal#1, I’m going to start doing this old Claudia Schiffer abs tape (it’s not even available on DVD it’s so old). I think it was Kim who introduced me to this in college. I recommend it…Kathy Kaehler is the instructor, and she’s really good, and this workout will kick your behind. Unfortunately, Claudia is not gifted at looking like a natural while working out, nor does she sound exceptionally bright on this tape, but she doesn’t talk much, and the real trainer tells you what to do. I might even get the rest of the set of these, as I’ve heard that they are good, too.  Plus, they’ll be cheap on ebay or because they’re so old!

Feel free to update on how you’re doing as well!

5 responses to “New Year’s Goals Revisited

  1. that’s funny…i’ve been using the bad weather as an excuse for not working out too. i’ll have to think of a new excuse soon.

  2. I am with you on not taking off makeup before bed. By the time I think about going to bed, I am too tired to splash cold water and facewash on my face. Thanks for the reminder that I need to be better about this!

  3. Good for you, Nicole! You’re making progress! I did a blog on this as well and told everyone that would listen my plan so that I could be held accountable, too!

    I began my volunteering at Ronald McDonald House, and I LOVE it. I’m loving the organization, and I want to do everything under the sun to help them!

    I adopted my soldier. . . he really doesn’t want care packages, but he likes getting letters. I am going to run out of interesting things to say every week though. Maybe I will start printing off my myspace blogs for him? 🙂

  4. I think you’re making some great progress! They are GOALS; they’re not supposed to immediately achieved!! (I keep telling myself.)

    I’m glad I didn’t set very many. The 1st one, about getting cards sent: I’m doing well on doing it for actual special occasions but not well at all for “I’m thinking of you” type of cards.

    The 2nd one, about getting back to Wed. night Bible study: I’m doing that (when I’m not on nursery duty)!

    The 3rd one, about getting back to the gym & losing at least some of my re-gained weight: Well, I’m back at the gym (with a couple brief lapses) – I do feel good about doing better on this, but I’m still not as consistent as I should be. The weight – about 6 lbs. off since the holidays, which is well & good, but I’ve been losing & gaining it repeatedly and need to get on with the rest of it! Spring clothes aren’t too far away!

  5. I really didn’t make “life changing” goals, so I’ll comment on how I am doing on yours! Ha!

    I do wash off makeup everynight. Mainlly because at my age my eyes are dry, and I need eyedrops each night. If I didn’t wash my face, makeup gets in my eyes when I put them in and it hurts!

    I was going to do the “Read a Bible in a year” -got to about Jan 23rd!

    I still make my bed everyday!

    I made a promise not to care much about politics, and I pretty much keep that one easily! Not my cup of tea! I just vote according to the abortion issue. If they don’t respect a baby’s life, whose will they respect? (Uh-oh – have I opened a can of worms?)

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