Pregnancy Has Left Its Mark

I have been planning to write this for a long time, and since I have nothing better to say right now, I decided that today was the day! 🙂

Oh, the strange things that have happened to my body that I did not expect post-pregnancy. And if my sisters-in-law or sister are reading this: this post is a lie. Nothing like this really happens. I want nieces and nephews!

If there are boys reading, don’t worry…this isn’t too graphic. At least not to me it isn’t.

So this is not about weight gain and/or difficulty losing said weight, or the loss of your boobs (or the way they used to be)…this is about the things I didn’t read about, even in the hilarious book The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy, where the author pretty much lays it all out. (side note: this book is quite dated, though, if you are newly pregnant and just now reading it for the first time…I read it when pregnant with Luke).

It goes without saying that it was all worth it…I wouldn’t trade my boys for anything.

Here goes:
1.) Stretch marks…I know, I know, I said no run-of-the-mill side effects, and this one certainly is. However, I got stretch marks that were not run-of-the-mill when I was pregnant with Luke (I gained the most weight with him by far…close to 35 pounds!). The main one to which I’m referring is on my side, and it wasn’t all that noticeable until after he was born. When Luke was about 3 months old, we had gone out for dinner and I was putting his carseat in the backseat of our car, and Matt must have been standing right next to me. He gasped audibly, and asked, “What happened to your side?” He apparently hadn’t noticed until then my gigantic, still-red stretch mark that was like 1/2 an inch wide and 2 inches long. I glared back and said, “Uh, I had your baby.” Priceless look on his face…he truly hadn’t seen it before and thought I had an injury of some kind. I’ll never forget that. By now, it’s harder to see, and as with all of my lovely stretch marks, it’s a silvery-color. And I know some people don’t get stretch marks…if you’re one of those people, we aren’t friends anymore.

2.) With the birth of each child, I’ve gotten a small, new mole. This isn’t all that surprising since I’m fair-skinned and have lots of little, flat moles but within a month after giving birth to each of the boys, I got a new one. Luke’s is on my belly, Bennett’s is on my leg, and Jack Henry’s is on my neck. Not surprisingly, Bennett’s is the largest and most noticeable. I actually kind of like these; it’s like my birthmark for being their mom.

3.) Weird eyebrows. Seriously. They started growing differently after having kids. So if it ever looks like I’ve overplucked them, you’re probably right. I get so annoyed sometimes that I just pull out all of the ones growing in the wrong direction.

4.) Hair loss like you would not believe. Still going through this one. Jody’s post on this months ago cracked me up.

Thankfully, my feet did not grow, but I know that happens to a lot of women! So, do you have anything not-to-gross that you care to share?

14 responses to “Pregnancy Has Left Its Mark

  1. okay, i can’t stop laughing out loud with the story of matt’s gasp and your follow up comment “uh, i had your baby…” it’s like i can literally picture the entire conversation. and i can handle extra moles, but hair loss is not cool. at all.

  2. i lost my hair too…3 months after each boy. it was the worst the first time around. my hair is also straighter. i used to straighten my hair and now i rarely have to. i can’t decide if that one is a plus or negative.

  3. I think the only thing worse than the hair loss is when it all grows back . . . I have all of these little spiky hairs sticking out of the part in my hair and there is no product in the world that can tame them.

  4. So, all you got were 3 cute little moles. I got several and the ones that I already had got bigger. I even had to have two of them removed because they changed so much. Now I have two scars to replace the moles and one of them isn’t very small.

    My belly button changed a lot. It isn’t tiny and cute like it used to be. My boys like to stick their finger in it and ask why it sinks in. I say, “Don’t worry your belly button will do that someday too.” They reply, “No way, yuck.”

  5. By the way, my father-in-law is a doctor and after the first child he said, “Don’t worry your belly button will go back to the way it was.” He never said that after the second or third child.

  6. I have stretch marks like no other, and I gained about 32 with Bailey 😦 THey are silver now and I am using some new cream to try to tame them. I also thought I was balding for about three months after giving birth. I’m there with ya!

  7. Wow, I’d almost forgotten what my pre-pregnancy body was like. It’s been too long.

    1) Stretch marks. I had these tiny little nearly invisible stretch marks with Jessica. I thought stretch marks were sooooo cute. Then came Rebecca. Rand McNally has less lines on the USA road atlas than I do with my stretch marks after Rebecca. Not cute.

    2) Numb spot. Jessica liked to tuck her feet right up into my ribs. Ouch and it was always in the same place. Here I am 18 years later and that spot of skin right on my ribs is still numb to the touch.

    3) Feet grew half a size. Not too bad. A lady that I used to work with gained a whole shoe size with each of her 2 children. And she had long narrow feet to start with. When I worked with her she wore size 12AAAA shoes. 😮

    Nicole, your story about Matt’s noticing of your stretch mark had me LOL at my computer. Very cute!

  8. You just reminded me to not get pregnant again. Thank you!!!!!

  9. Just wait — you won’t believe what will happen to your body when you become a grandparent. Matt will notice the difference also. He will probably change more than you. You can gasp and say “”Matt! What happened to you! Where’s the young stud I married!” Don’t say that, He’ll say, Right here.

  10. Once a woman verifies that she gained less than 50 lbs. from pregnancy, I no longer speak to her.


  12. I second Nana Jo’s remark… I was disgusted by your casual throwing out there of “I gained the most weight with him by far…close to 35 pounds!”. Like that is so much weight… I gained exactly 50 with both of my babies. Ugh.
    Anyway, I second the stretch marks. Only if this is a full disclosure to let others know what they’re in for, they should know this; I had no stretchmarks on my belly from my first pregnancy. A few small on my breasts and hips, but overall I was relieved. I gained 50 lbs and my skin remained unscathed. Until the second one. Stretch mark city! I gained the same weight, but my skin apparently didn’t take to it as well the second time around. My belly looks like a warzone, my sides as well as my hips and breasts have a half dozen nice silver stripes as well.

    And my feet grew about half an inch each time. Quite frustrating, as I am totally a shoe person and it was sad to have to look at all my cute favorite shoes and not be able to wear them again! I’m slowly rebuilding my collection these days as I’m done having babies wreak havoc on my body!!

  13. For me the worst thing that happened to me was my 2 gigantic c-section scars. Okay, they do they fade over time, but they will always be there. Typically, when you have multiple c-sections, the doctor makes the other cuts as close to the first one and then when he stitches you up he does it so you end up still having one scar. I have 2 because Lucy ended up being an emergency c-section so the resident doctor just cut where she could to get her out. So now I have 1 normal scar and one that is about 1 1/2 inches above the other and about an inch wider. Blah!
    As for the body as a whole – I have worked VERY hard to get things back and like Jody, my belly button will never be the same!

    Matt totally cracks me up! Like if you had a bad accident – you wouldn’t tell him!!! Men are totally oblivious to the woes of pregnancy!

  14. Funny I just did a post the other day on my breasts since having kids.For the longest time I had a straight line up and down my belly.It finally went away,but that thing was so dark.The things we go through to have our kids lol.

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