Sunny Day

This morning our parent educator visited, which I always enjoy.  She did Bennett’s developmental screening for 3 years old, which went very well (beaming mama!).  But keep reading, because as we all well know, being a parent is full of ups and downs.  I’m just glad I got an “up” this morning.  Jack Henry showed off by totally laughing out loud at Bennett while he was playing.  It was so cute…wish I was recording it!  I’ll update about him soon…he’s hitting milestones and changing every day!  Today was also Luke’s last day of school before his spring break, which makes me start to panic about summer and how much time we have on our hands.  This is what he came home from school looking like, as they had a little Easter celebration today:

003-1.jpg He explained to me that the headband part had a picture of our house, some Easter eggs, grass, oh, and Daylight Savings Time (represented by the sun, I guess?).

This afternoon, since it was 75 degrees outside (Karen, don’t hate me) I thought it would be *fun* to go to a nearby park and bring the double stroller, which I hadn’t used yet with Jack Henry, and Luke’s bike, because there is a nice path to ride on there.  This was far more work than I envisioned, as I had to air up all of the tires, and then rearrange the seating configuration in the van so that everything would fit.  Sheesh.  25 minutes later, we were ready to leave.  And, when we got to the park, I discovered that one of my tires was not actually completely aired up.  Except it was when I left home.  So I think we’ve got a problem.  However, that part of our afternoon was fine.  Here are some cute pictures of the boys.


Here comes the “down” part of the day.  Then the boys played on the playground equipment for a while, and right before we were ready to leave, Bennett started chasing Luke with what I would describe as a small limb from a tree, threatening to throw it at him.  Which he did, but thankfully, missed.  So as I’m trying to run after Bennett (mind you, whilst carrying Jack Henry in his carseat), he decides to run INTO THE PARKING LOT and completely ignore my screams to stop. I was SO angry. I buckled him in, and told him no Wii the rest of today and tomorrow, and that he was going to his room until his dad got home (which turned out to be a little too long, so I let him out). He was just so rotten.  I sternly lectured all the way home about how important it is to listen when I yell stop.  He just doesn’t get it.

So, just before Luke left for AWANA tonight (hence the vest in the next picture), he decided he wanted to give Bennett the birthday present he made for him.  I’m thinking, you still want to give him a gift after he tried to beat you with a tree branch an hour ago?  He even went downstairs and wrapped it for him all by himself.  He made him a book with every single picture from this book and this one, too. He’s been working on it for probably two weeks. And, to be honest, it started out as a book for someone else, then he decided it would make a nice birthday present for Bennett. Man, I love that kid.


So I guess we ended on an “up.”

5 responses to “Sunny Day

  1. oh my gosh–they are so cute in their illini gear and all getting sooooo big!!!! bennett especially looks like a big boy to me. he just loves his quest for independence huh? 🙂 and what a little saint luke is! i can’t wait to see everyone! i thought of you today when our volunteer trainer leader (who has three small boys) said in response to “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” that she “would like to think beyond ‘fine dining’ as subway and mcdonalds” you are a great mom!

  2. I knew Bennett would “wow” the parent educator! Not only does he have good parents teaching him, but an awesome older brother too!
    When I saw Luke in his Bunny hat, I first thought “feathers” and it’s not Thanksgiving! Then I realized they were pink, and only 2 of them, and the whiskers. He looks cute!
    Be sure and bring Luke’s book along that he made for Bennett. Luke, you are so good at making those books! I know your aunts and uncles want one too!
    The stroller/bike pictures are great – spring was here for another day anyway! Little kids and cars are scarey together – so thankful Bennett didn’t get hurt!
    Can’t wait to hear Jack Henry laugh out loud!

  3. Ugh! I’m bummed that we missed the 75 degree weather. It was like 55 in Morton, but windy.

  4. L did that to me once at the library, just ran right out into the parking lot I was so furious I screamed louder than I have ever screamed and was shaking from being so frightened. I think I calmed down once we were home but that is the scariest feeling.

  5. I had the same reaction your mom did when I first glanced at the bunny hat–that it was an Indian headdress & he had Indian face markings!

    The 3 boys lined up outside – I look at that and just think how blessed you & Matt are with the 3 best little boys in the world! And then the closer-up one w/ Bennett & Jack Henry cracks me up w/ JH just sitting there in his little cap like a “regular little boy”!

    Luke’s b.d. present to Bennett – now if that isn’t just the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard! Luke has a heart a mile high; no wonder Bennett idolizes him (well, when he’s not trying to hit him . . . or something).

    The parking lot fiasco . . . what can I say? Just so glad nothing happened (other than your hysteria!). Kids are scary.

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