Bennett’s Birthday Party, and Why I’m the Coolest Mom Ever

We decided to celebrate Bennett’s 3rd birthday a little early while we were in Effingham for Easter, because our whole family was able to be there (minus Uncle Jake and Dana, who were at a “ducks dinner,” according to Bennett). We got to Effingham on Friday and had his party on Saturday night at my parents’ house.

On Saturday morning, the church that Matt grew up in had an Easter party for kids, so we took the two older boys. It was freezing and windy, so the egg hunt was very brief, but they also did story time, a snack, and a craft. It was pretty cute!

After that, it was time to get ready for the party. And you’re wondering what makes me the coolest mom ever, I’m sure…

Weeks ago, Bennett made a strange request…he wanted a blue cake. I asked, “You mean blue frosting?” He replied, “No, blue cake AND blue frosting. And Cars.” My thought process went something like, “Hmmm. Strange. OK. I can handle that!” And so I went about making a blue cake. I used the gel food colors in case you’re wondering.


Here is a picture of the finished product…fancy decorating, I know. I have to admit that this is one of the best cakes I’ve ever made, given that there has been more than one that hasn’t turned out the way I planned. That might make a funny post someday. Anyway, here’s the cake.


And here are some pictures of Bennett enjoying his blue cake!  No, it didn’t turn our mouths blue, surprisingly.

He got some cool presents, too, including a bike and a fishing pole from Papa and Nana; a Leapster game, the High School Musical 2 soundtrack, and Neptune from Planet Heroes from Papa Ron and Nana Jo.  Luke went with me to pick out a gift for him, and he chose Flo’s V8 Cafe from Cars (it was half price when we found it!)…he was SO excited to give it to him, especially because Jack Henry’s gift to him was a new Flo! And because he couldn’t wait to play with it himself! Bennett also got a bingo game, a bowling set, the Boomer and huge frisbee disk, a soccer ball, and a giant floor puzzle that will hopefully help him learn his shapes/colors better (I no longer think he’s color blind, so that’s good!). It was like Christmas all over again! Except thankfully, lots of these things get stored outside, so there’s no toy-storage-crisis going on.

Will post Easter pictures later!  

6 responses to “Bennett’s Birthday Party, and Why I’m the Coolest Mom Ever

  1. Happy Early Birthday, Bennett. Your Friend, Ryder

  2. I mean, Ryder Blue!!!

  3. i hope you will be posting the pic of bennett with his “sticker shirt”–hope that didn’t go in the wash before you took all 500 of them off….

  4. Great job on the cake!!! It looks yummy!!

  5. Great job with the cake! We will take two just like it. You do take orders right?

  6. Of course, Jody. I’ll only charge you $20 a cake 🙂

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