Child Labor

I’m all for it.  In this case, at least.  Not in the Kathie-Lee-sweatshop case.

Let me start by saying that the previous owners of this fine home, mentioned in this blog before, used landscaping rock in several areas around the house.  They also just mixed soil with rock and covered it with mulch in other areas.  So when we decided to put a little brick patio in the front of our house a couple of years ago, we had to do something with tons of rock.  We hauled away two huge trash cans full to the local dump, but DANG! that was expensive.  So the rest of it just got dumped in the landscaped (or, rather, muddy) areas around the house.  In an attempt to beautify an ugly, do-it-yourself pebbled side patio (again, the previous owners covering up a cracked slab of concrete), I decided that we’re going to plant ivy all around said patio this spring.



Hey!  That lovely grill is for sale if anyone is interested 🙂  It’s not been used at this house because of the built-in gas grill.

Before this project can commence, the rock needs to be picked out of the mud.  This sounded like the perfect job for my boys!  I gave each of them a bucket, and I told them that we’d weigh their buckets on the scale when they filled them up, and I’d pay them $.10 per pound.  Because they have no idea what pound is or what a dime is worth. This sounded acceptable to them, so they got to work…


Meanwhile, Jack Henry was living the good life.  We’re starting to wonder if he’s ever going to pitch in around here.


They were painstakingly slow, but had a great time and were very muddy when they were all done.  They collected 25 pounds of rock!  Because I was feeling guilty about the low wage I’d promised them, I gave them $2 each, and they were thrilled.  I would really love to be so happy about $2 again.

Funny Bennett story…while they were out there, our neighbor girls (who are 9 or 10 years old) walked through the side yard and said hi to the boys.  As they were walking away, Bennett yelled out, “I! DON’T! LIKE! GIRLS!”  What am I going to do with him?

3 responses to “Child Labor

  1. Hey, your little “chain gang” is doing a great job! Before it turned so darned cold around here last weekend, I had planned on having the boys make a game of picking up sticks in our yard! Doing this while snow was falling just wouldn’t have looked good in front of the neighbors!

    That Bennett . . . next thing you know, he’ll be writing bad words on some girl’s pencil at school. Huh, Matt?

  2. I think Bennett may get a bloody nose before he is 6! (Just kidding!) Where’d he get that idea about girls????

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