Not for me.  For Bennett.  We’re really getting the first taste of what life must often be like for a middle child…not big enough to do what your older brother is doing, and too big to want to do baby stuff (though he is still very into Jack Henry). We’ve had two instances this week that I thought for sure were going to crush him.  Tonight, Matt and Luke are at the Cardinals game.  Surprisingly, this was the lesser of the two disappointments…he was CRUSHED that he wasn’t going to Luke’s first baseball practice last night.  He kept telling me, “I’m going to play t-ball so I need to practice, too!”  He finally gave up when I told him it was for boys who were 5 years old, and he knows he’s not, so he let it go.

Tonight I took him to Red Robin for dinner, to use his free birthday meal. He was pretty excited, and when we got there decided he wanted a cheeseburger. This seemed like an interesting request, since he’s not too keen on burgers from anywhere, but he devoured the entire thing without setting it down, plus a few fries. Then, they came out and sang to him for his birthday…at first, he was beaming, but since they don’t sing a regular “Happy Birthday” song and they are so loud, he kind of spaced out in the middle of it. When they were done, he immediately dove into his hot fudge sundae, which was covered with whipped cream. He took a bite of that and made an awful face, and said he didn’t like it. Until I dug through the whipped cream and got to the ice cream/chocolate. Then, he didn’t stop until he drank the last drop from the parfait cup! After that he asked for his basket of fries and ketchup back, and finished those off. He laughed out loud when I said I thought he had a hollow leg…this always gets a laugh from both boys. It was really a good time and I’m glad we went.

A big thanks to the middle-aged woman with ridiculously long, fake pink fingernails sitting at the table next to us, who politely wiped her nose dug into her nostrils and wiped it on her napkin right there at the table. I might have finished my mushroom burger had I not been so grossed out. But, I didn’t need the calories anyway.

I think that Red Robin will always remind me of one of the funniest/most interesting things that has ever happened with Bennett. When he was about 18 months old, the four of us went to dinner there one night. It was busy, so food was taking awhile to get to our table, and Bennett was really entertained by a balloon across the room…I mean, he was really watching it. So Matt decided to go get a balloon for him to help pass the time.

He got back, tied it to Bennett’s wooden high chair, and Bennett proceeded to FREAK OUT. I mean, like he had bugs crawling on him or something. We were trying not to laugh because our baby was terrified, but man, was it funny. We got rid of the balloon, but Luke wanted to bring one home, and if I remember correctly, we just put it in the back of the van. For a short time he was actually afraid of any helium balloon, so we kept them away from him. Then, he wanted to watch Luke play with one, and then he was ready after a few months to play with one (keep in mind that the only time we have balloons is if we go out for dinner or something like that). However, one major fear persisted, and that was this: when we’d leave a restaurant with balloons (and he wanted one for when we got home) we had to tie them down in the trunk of the van, because he absolutely HATED it when they moved up towards him on their own. It was just so weird. Tonight was the first time he was able to have them be in the back of the van with him, and they were tied to Jack Henry’s diaper bag, so they couldn’t get to him. He watched them pretty closely but was totally fine with it. Jack was fussing on the way home because he was hungry, and Bennett kept telling me that he thought Jack Henry might be scared of the balloons.  I guess my baby’s growing up!

6 responses to “Disappointment

  1. FUNNY! My nephew Riley was paranoid of balloons, too, and I had never heard of that. We made the mistake of going to Applebee’s with them when a BALLOON GUY was there making balloon shapes at each table. He might have well have had dracula teeth and knives for fingers. The NERVE!

  2. I love that kid! I don’t think I ever heard the story about how the balloon fear originated! How cute that he thought Jack Henry was afraid of balloons! (Can’t believe how he chowed down at Red Robin!)

    Poor little guy (about wanting to go to Luke’s practice) . . . being the middle of 3 daughters, I understand!!

  3. oh i feel so bad that he didn’t get to go to practice! at least he had his special night with mom, though 🙂 so adorable that he is able to empathize with jack and understand his feelings!

  4. Love this blog! Especially the pink fingernails story.

    Did Luke tell you that he saw Uncle Eric at the Cardinals game?

  5. HAHA! I remember the balloon thing with Bennett I have a picture of Matt trying to get him to touch one when he was in that phase. I think I have a video of it too… I’ll have to look. The game was fun last night but it was so cold!. I went up and talked to Jake and Matt and Luke, and Luke wanted me to keep switching hands that I was holding so that it would warm them up:) We walked down the ramp instead of the stairs… BAD IDEA! It was like 9 ramps long that we had to take, instead of the stairs, so Luke was like “when are we gonna be done with these.”

  6. LOL on your pink fingernail story!!! And, how fun for you to get some time with Bennett like that. Our first Red Robin just opened about a month ago here, LOVE it! And, now there are two already, very exciting cause it’s such a kid friendly place!

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