Bathroom Remodel, Take Two

I just cleaned my old bathroom for the last time. Because next Thursday night, the demo begins! Over next Saturday and Sunday, it will be redone. I’m so excited!

Truth be told, if Zach and Michon weren’t coming over this weekend, and Nana Jo on Sunday, I probably would have just let it go until next week. But, I don’t want to look like a dirty, so I cleaned it one more time. Don’t inspect too closely, guys!

We finally found the big pieces we wanted for the remodel at The Home Depot. This is the vanity, though ours is smaller. We got the matching wall cabinet and mirror, too. The countertop and sink are a beige granite with a white undermount sink, which was a great deal and I think will look great, too. The tile picture was posted here.

I realize that this was a less-than-thrilling post, but I wanted to update and can’t wait to post demo pictures next week!

4 responses to “Bathroom Remodel, Take Two

  1. LOVE the vanity! Can’t wait to see the “after” pics!!!

  2. Those look great, Nicole! I really like the color. It will be exciting to see the progress!

  3. This is gonna look fabulous – love all your choices! I’ll be so excited to come back to SL the next time to see the finished job! L & B will just freak out to see what the process will consist of – nothing like a little demolition to excite little (& big) boys!

  4. Does the wall cabinet and mirror come in black?

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