Please Excuse My Absence Today…

…I was busy having outpatient surgery.  I promise, this won’t be gory or anything.  But some funny stuff happened that I had to share.

For reasons I won’t gross you out about, I found out that I needed to have a polyp removed from my uterus.  It is a procedure done under general anesthesia, and basically the doctor removes the polyp through a D&C, as if I’d had a miscarriage.  So without any emotional stuff playing into this surgery, it’s pretty basic.  Unfortunately (which my wonderful dr. had prepared me for) there are times that the polyp cannot be located when the surgery takes place, which is what happened today.  However, as I understand it, because the D&C was still done, if the polyp was there it would have been removed.  I’m feeling fine, and I have all day, without more than a dose of Motrin this morning at the hospital and then a trip to First Watch, which I love with all my heart because of the Bacado omelette.  Probably not on the list of things you’re supposed to do immediately after having surgery. Anyway.

They make you come to surgery with no makeup, jewelry or lotion on. I understand why, but please, could the patients look more homely? It’s horrible. You already don’t feel good, and then you look in the mirror and ACK! I wore makeup to all of my deliveries for the boys. So the pictures wouldn’t be yucky. So I looked real nice at First Watch.

I had this done at the surgery center at St. John’s today, and everything and everyone was just so nice. Makes going through this so much easier, and it kinda makes me think about wanting to be a nurse when I grow up. When we were in the pre-op holding area, there was initially just me and one other woman (we had to be there at 5:30am so it wasn’t busy yet). Naturally, they put us right next to each other with nothing more than a curtain between us, so it was really private. Do I say “so” too much? Anyway, the technical term for the procedure I was having was a hysteroscopy and D&C, and if you’re a dork like me and like medical stuff, you can click here to know what was done.

Matt says, kind of jokingly, “She didn’t say hysterectomy, did she?” and I’m like, “NOOO, that would be bad! She said HYSTEROSCOPY!” And then, a few minutes later, the nurse went to the girl next to me and confirmed what she was in for, and you guessed it, it was a hysterectomy. Remember what I said about the extremely (not) private area we were in? Open mouth, insert foot. Actually, listening to her talk, she was very good natured about everything and joking with the nurses about making the cocktail that knocks you out an amaretto sour.

Can I just say I love modern medicine? Especially anesthesia. Because what would labor and delivery be without them? And, today, since the nurse anesthetist did my i.v., she first used a numbing shot like a dentist would, and THEN put the i.v. in. My OB/gyn was standing there and I was all, “Uh, why can’t the nurses in L&D use this? Because hello, that was the worst part of having my babies. Kthanks.” Turns out they aren’t allowed to for some reason, which sounds bogus. But that made the part I was most worried about (since I’m usually turned into a pin cushion to get an i.v.) a breeze.

The icing on the cake today is that the guy who transported me from post-op recovery to the last room I convalesced in was someone I knew. He bought our old house from us 4+ years ago! It was kind of fun to see him and ask how my favorite house ever (of all 2 I’ve owned) was doing.

So we got home and I took a whopper of a nap this afternoon (2 hours and 45 minutes…haven’t done that since college I’m sure) while Nana Jo continued to take excellent care of my babies. I’m allowed to lift hefty Jack Henry again tomorrow, which is good, and Nana Jo is going to hang out with us until Wednesday, yay!

So, that is the saga of today. Not very saga-esque, but worth recording, I thought.

4 responses to “Please Excuse My Absence Today…

  1. I’ll pray for you! I had the exact same procedure, for the same reason, done right about a year ago — minus the general anesthesia. I got a choice and chose the non-general option.

    It is so good that Nana Jo is there to take care of all of you!!

  2. ouch. poor thing.

  3. missed seeing you last night. glad everything was ok.

  4. Glad things were fairly uneventful! I’ll talk to you soon!

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