WFMW: Date Night, Revised

This week’s Works for Me Wednesday is a suggestion to all the parents out there, who just really wish they could go out for dinner every weekend, but don’t want to because, well, you have kids who would want to come with you. When I mentioned taking the boys (ages 5, 3, and 7 months) out for dinner last weekend, Matt replied with, “Let’s wait until you or I do something really bad, and then punish ourselves with that.” So now you know how he feels about that. We adore our children, and it’s not that they are badly-behaved; it’s just that it’s not relaxing to eat dinner at a restaurant with them. And unfortunately, getting a sitter all the time just isn’t practical.

So a couple of years ago, we started doing Saturday night carryout dinner…after the children are in bed. We feed them a quick dinner, get their baths done, and get them in bed on time so that they wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for church on Sunday morning. And while one of us is finishing up the bedtime routine, the other calls in dinner to a local restaurant, and goes and picks it up. OR, we make one of a couple of our favorite dinners together (I do some of the prep work, like cutting up vegetables, etc, earlier in the day so we can start cooking at 7:30 or so). We don’t get all fancy with candles and music, but of course, you could.

It’s just so nice to sit down to a quiet meal once a week, where we can talk and not be interrupted. And, at a fraction of the cost of eating in a restaurant and paying a babysitter, we can do this most Saturday nights.

9 responses to “WFMW: Date Night, Revised

  1. Super idea! We do the same thing, not on a set night, but at least a few times a month. We often do it on Sundays. I too love my children, but it is nice to have a quiet dinner with just my hubby. Chinese food or grilled steak are our two favorites! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. We too do this often the past couple of years. I guess really since we moved away from family and our free babysitters!!
    We don’t have a set night, but usually a couple of times a month we feed the kids whatever, get through the normal bedtime routine and then grill up some steaks or order chinese food, etc just for the two of us. So nice to enjoy a good meal together once in awhile without the kids… meals they wouldn’t normally eat anyway!

  3. Matt’s response to eating out with the kids sounds exactly like Kevin’s!! Ha ha!!! You have inspired me – we may do a date night tonight!

  4. I have four boys (7, 5, 3 and 10 mos.) and I love your blog! I always feel a kinship with moms of all boys! I think your tip is great! Suddenly, getting a babysitter requires us to take out a loan and staying in and eating take-out sounds much more fun and economical to me!

  5. Had to laugh at Matt’s comment about eating out w/ the kids! I wish Ron & I would have thought of doing something like this (of course, he was gone so many nights w/ officiating or going to games . . . not sure how it would have worked. 😦 You guys have the right idea, though – making the time for the 2 of you – good food you enjoy along with uninterrupted conversation!

  6. I just found your blog from WFMW. That is so true about eating out with kids, especially with a baby too! And once the kids start eating a kids meal of their own, the bill can get quite steep. I think I will try this idea!

  7. Thanks for the post! You are so blessed to have three sons!

  8. Thanks for the comments on my blog…trying to keep it interesting, although I think it will get better once Mikey starts talking. Hearing what your kids say to each other, i.e. “Dan” is hysterical. I can’t wait to catch Mikey and Ella in a funny conversation! WFMW is a great idea…my husband thinks it’s fine to take the kids out to dinner, but if I want to have a relaxing night, that’s the last thing I want to do. The only thing is that it’s getting harder getting Ella to bed since it’s light out later. She thinks that you can only sleep at night when it’s dark out. That goes for the morning too (think 6:00 am bright eyed and bushy tailed)!

  9. Sounds like a great idea – the guilt of spending money on dinner out is bad enough, let alone the cost of the babysitter as well. This is a great alternative.

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