Last night, Bennett was sent by Luke as an ambassador to find out what was for dinner.

I told him, “Sausage Tortilla Rollups.”

I heard him holler to Luke, “(mumbling) (more mumbling) rollups.”

A minute or so later, Bennett came back to the kitchen, a bit puzzled, and asked with a smile on his face, “Did you say we were having fruit rollups for dinner?”

Sorry, baby. Wishful thinking. Matt told him that when he was a grownup, he could choose that for dinner for his kids if he wanted.

2 responses to “Misunderstanding

  1. Makes perfect sense to me: “sausage tortilla rollups” sounds uncannily like “fruit rollups”! I love how Luke uses Bennett as the guinea pig!

  2. awww! this is hilarious and so cute!!

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