Bathroom Remodel, The Final Chapter


Ta-da! It’s done. And I am so happy. There are tiny things that need to be finished, like little paint touchups and some beautification of the shower faucet, and some decorating on the shelf and walls, but I can finally show you pictures, since I found a shower curtain and towels that we like!

Here’s the vanity. I love it! Notice that for now, stuff is just shoved in the little nooks. My goal is to find some small baskets with liners to go in there, but it isn’t going to be easy…I’ll need something like a bread basket to fit. (Did I mention that we SOLD the old vanity/cabinet? For $5? And we sold the old medicine cabinet to the same guy for $5 more. We could not have been more thrilled that we didn’t have to pay to have them hauled away. Thank you, Craigslist.)

The boys are using this handy stepstool that just happens to match perfectly. I was so happy that it would hold 2 rolls of toilet paper in the compartment at the top. Bennett proudly showed me the other day that if you squish them pretty hard, 3 will fit. Whatever.

The extra large medicine cabinet. So nice not to have to stack meds on top of each other to get them to fit.

Here’s the finished tilework in the shower. It’s just such a huge change…and I’m hoping potential buyers, whenever that happens, will love it too! I should tape a picture of the old bathroom to the door when we someday put the house on the market so they can truly appreciate this bathroom.

LOVE this shower curtain and the towels/bathmat I found to match. This was harder than picking out the tile we chose.

I’m SO GLAD this chapter is closing (I’d say “closed,” but I still have some decorating to do). But I’d do it all again.

13 responses to “Bathroom Remodel, The Final Chapter

  1. wow! looks great! i really love the curtain!!!

  2. that looks so good and so different. i love it. good pic for the shower curtain.

  3. I was lucky enough to see it in person, and it really looks super. On my computer, the first pic is too dark to really show the little cubbies on both sides in front w/ a closed cupboard area between them – very cute & practical design. I am trying not to be hatefully jealous! New buyers will love it, and in the meantime, so will you!

  4. love the new look! the shower curtain rocks! did you have fun ironing it?

  5. i did have fun ironing it. i love ironing stuff so much that i save it all up and have a whole bunch of fun all at one time. šŸ™‚

  6. The curtain looks great!!!

  7. I LOVE that shower curtain… that’s exactly the colors/style I was thinking of for the bathroom downstairs when we (if we ever) finish our basement. Where did you find it??

    It all looks great!

  8. It looks awesome! I, too, love the shower curtain. You did a great job finding that one…..and selling the old stuff!

  9. Curtain is called DuBois, and it’s from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

  10. I love it!!

  11. It looks great ,love the colors !

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