Friday Night

Matt and I had a really fun date night on Friday. We started the evening by going to Mosaic on Washington for dinner. Matt’s had lunch there a couple of times, but he had no idea that it was tapas restaurant (insert funny “oh my gosh, it sounds like topless” joke here…believe me, I heard it) at night, as they have a totally different menu than at lunch. I’ve always wanted to go to a tapas restaurant (smaller portions meant to be shared, and you each choose a couple). Since I’m a girl who eats no seafood except fish sticks and crab rangoon, there were not a lot of choices. But let me tell you, what we chose was amazing!

Matt knew that the restaurant was known for their Butternut Squash soup. My first thought? Well, butternut squash baby food isn’t that bad, so okay. And oh my goodness, it was really good. It smells like vanilla and is the sweetest soup I’ve ever eaten…like dessert sweet.

Because I am a total dork I whipped out my camera and took a picture of the masterpiece that was one of Matt’s cold tapas choices, the Plato Curado. However, because I was trying not to be a total loser, the picture didn’t turn out very well. But wow. It almost made me think about eating something I consider gross because it was so pretty.

We also shared the “Classic” Caesar Salad, whose presentation was anything but “classic.” Very cool. And, we had the Truffled Frites and the Moroccan Tenderloin Kabob. It sounds like so much food; we were full, but not stuffed.

Then, we got to do something else fun…go see Fundamental Elements play at the Duck Room at Blueberry Hill for their CD release party. It was a great time…”That Girl” is definitely our favorite song from the new CD. Go to their website to hear a couple of their new songs.

Good night!

One response to “Friday Night

  1. I’m glad you were able to find a sitter for Friday — and that you had a fun evening of it!

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