I took the kids to the zoo this morning with Kelli, so I’m beat. The kids all did really well…it was fun! This is a post that’s been floating around in my head for awhile so it takes very little thought…

* A salad with craisins, walnuts, and raspberry viniagrette dressing. Ironically, I hate raisins.
* Seeing tons of flowers blooming…I love how it looks, but it makes me overestimate my abilities to grow things, though, so this might not be a great thing.
* A full night’s sleep. Not sure when this is happening again. Memo to my kids: the day does not start until 7am, k? Thanks.
* Sweaty little boys, even the way they stink after playing outside
* All of the TLC property shows, and one that I just watched on HGTV this weekend (Jo, what was the name of that one where they redid one room in the parents’ house?)
* Muenster or brick cheese on a sandwich, or even just plain. Mmmm. (hint: don’t buy the store brand of these cheeses, like Schnucks…get the real stuff at the deli. It’s worth the extra buck or two.)
* A clean house…mine isn’t right now, but I am crazy about it.
* My family…though sometimes I just want a moment’s peace.

* Men in capri pants, no exceptions
* Those family stickers on minivans or SUVs…sorry if this is any of you, but I just can’t stand them, mainly because no one ever stops with the outlines of mom, dad, and kids…they have to add their 2 dogs, 3 cats, 6 fish, hamster, and snake like they’re part of their family. I just don’t dig it.
* Teething. Though I suspect that Jack Henry dislikes it even more than I do. Just a hunch.
* This guy. I won’t put in his name because I don’t want a bunch of people searching for him winding up at my blog. Dude, you’re a guy. Stop with all the makeup and girl hair. I can’t even watch the show he’s on.

Come on! Join in. Leave a comment with what you’re crazy about/not crazy about.

6 responses to “Crazy

  1. WOO! First comment! Ya the man with girl hair and makeup I can’t stand. I had that show on at lunch the other day while I was babysitting and the girls couldn’t believe that, that was a guy lol

  2. dying laughing at the men in capris comment!! cute post. and just for fun, here’s one thing i’m not crazy about: spending literally 9 hours today for my online class– watching boring videos on the computer and writing papers about them all. 😦

  3. Well…I’m crazy about the fact that everyone is in bed right now. That’s a glorious thing. I’m not crazy about the way I smell. After sweating at the zoo and more playing outside this afternoon, I’m soon heading to the shower! Thanks for the fun day!

  4. I dont’ think I’ve ever seen a guy in capri pants. I’m going to be on the lookout now, although I’m not sure why. The mental image alone is enough to make me go “HUH???”.

    And that guy with the makeup and girl hair must be on some cable network. I’ve not seen him either. But yeah, I’m with you on that. Sheesh!

    I’m currently crazy about A Fine Frenzy. I end up humming/singing songs from her CD “One Cell in the Sea” all day long.

    I’m also crazy about having teenagers that can clean my house for me. Rebecca is currently organizing and cleaning the finished part of the basement. /happy sigh

    I’m not crazy about commercials for all the various private bodily issues that people can have. Seriously, these are prescription drugs you’re selling. These people can talk to their doctor about these topics; we shouldn’t all have to hear about them.

  5. Guys in capri pants makes me chuckle–we saw TONS of that at Disney last fall–we noticed they were mostly, if not exclusively, European. In my book, that’s a fashion faux pas in any language! What almost made it worse was that they were usually plaid and said man was also sporting a colorful pair or Crocs with colored socks!! Quite the look! πŸ™‚

  6. Well, I’m sitting here thinking about guys in capris and am not sure if I’ve seen it. I know I’ve seen them in “pedal-pusher” length shorts, which doesn’t bother me. Guess for me it would depend on the length & style. I’m so in love w/ capris in general that it probably wouldn’t bother me to see them on guys! So, yes, I’m CRAZY ABOUT capris–IMO, a good length for every age & body type, and no matter when they go out of style, I’ll probably still be wearing them!

    I’m also crazy about–
    *HGTV–My name is Jo, and I am an HGTV junkie. (My Parents’ House is the one you asked about, Nicole; I esp. love that one!)

    *sandals & flip-flops & all summer-themed clothes

    *magazines–I love going to the mailbox and getting a new mag!

    *pizza–any time, any kind

    *Luke, Bennett, & Jack Henry–and I loved your comment about sweaty little boys–I know just what you mean & love it too–I remember one year after swimming up at the lake, I remarked that one of the kids’ hair smelled like wet turkey–have no idea where that came from!–but I still love that “dirty kid” smell!!

    *talking to all my kids as adults–it is God’s reward for all the unpleasant “conversations” we had during the teen years!

    *staying up really late at night–watching TV, reading, computer-ing, eating 😦 I am waaayyy more of a night person than a morn. one.

    *a nice, hearty breakfast–hate to prepare it; love to eat it

    Not so crazy about things:
    *poor grammar, and I’m not talking about purposeful “slang” used for effect; I’m talking about people not knowing how to use was/were, etc.

    *people who chew gum noisily

    *exercise . . . not so much the incidental kind like lawn mowing, bike riding, etc. . . . but the gym kind.

    *bad self-tanners–I try to be so-o-o careful when applying and have used all kinds of hints as to how to do it w/o streaks or concentrated spots, but I often just don’t get great results. I just bought the L’Oreal towelettes that someone on your blog recommended, so I’m hoping they work well.

    *cleaning tubs/showers–my least favorite cleaning task, and since Ron & I only take showers, it’s easy to let them go a l-o-n-g time!

    I had no idea you liked the kind of salad you described! Or the muenster or brick cheese!



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