Class of ’93

15 years…I can’t believe it’s been that long ago since Matt graduated from high school! Of course, I didn’t even know him, as he hadn’t found me yet. Yep, this weekend was his class reunion. Even though I didn’t go to the same high school or graduate the same year, we did still grow up in the same town, so lots of people were familiar to me, too, in addition to his old friends (I don’t mean that you’re old, guys…really, I don’t.)

It really was a great time. On Friday night, after we got the kids in bed, we met up with Jack and his girlfriend Jen, whom we hadn’t met. They live in STL and we hadn’t gotten together with them, which is just sad! That’s going to have to change.

The party was Saturday night at the Hilton in Effingham, and the committee did a great job of organizing and decorating for the big event. There were little hearts cut out of cardstock with TV shows, movies and song titles from 1993. (If you don’t know why they were heart-shaped, you must not be from central Illinois. Click here to find out why. And then start laughing.) Dinner was great, the wine was good, and it was fun to reconnect with some old friends as well as get to know some new ones!

Here were are, posing at the picture spot at Matt’s parents’ house.

Briefly pretending that we are not driving a minivan to his 15-year reunion (I am pleased to say that we did not win the award for most children, though, the winner only had 4).

Matt and Mike. I actually knew him a few years before I knew Matt. Small town stuff.

Jack-n-Jen. Jack, I approve this message.

The “St. Louis Wives/Girlfriends/Fiancees Club.”  Ladies, we have to work on that name.  It’s a bit cumbersome.  Debra’s on the left, and Jen’s on the right.  Debra’s engaged to Matt’s friend Kevin.

Wait a second…Zach and Michon aren’t from the class of ’93!  Matt and I were wedding crashers very briefly (I didn’t even steal a drink, I promise), as Zach’s high school friend got married on Saturday and was having his reception at the same place we were.

Not wanting the night to end just yet, we headed out to an old bar that was always a total dive when we all lived there (and were too young to enter!). We had heard that a younger crowd had started hanging out there, and that it wasn’t scary anymore. When we got there at 11:30, there were FOUR people sitting at the bar.  So we either had a craptastic source, or it was a slow night.

This is probably my favorite picture of the night.

The whole crew at the Orchard!

Matt decided, on his way out of the reunion, to grab a nametag of someone who had RSVP’d and then didn’t come.  He wore this the rest of the night.

Mmmm.  Niemerg’s breakfast really late is the perfect way to end a fun night…nothing like some cholesterol, salt and grease to settle your stomach.

PS – my entire family is sick with colds, except for me. Which is awesome because we go on vacation this weekend. Which also means that my cold ought to kick sometime Thursday, as everyone else is feeling better.

15 responses to “Class of ’93

  1. I’m so glad you posted that last photo, which showed Matt’s shorts. Cause in the the one of you guys w/ Zach & Michon, I hoped no one thought Matt actually had on long plaid pants.

    With Matt’s (aka Tonya’s) history, I’m so relieved that a name tag was the only thing he stole.

  2. Glad you had a good time! Sounds way better than my 10 year – which was a total dud!!

  3. Looks like fun! Nicole and Matt – you two look great!! And, Niemergs…..brought back memories of the four of us going after the St. A picnic! Yummy and fun! Orchard?…wow! Didn’t know that was the happenin spot now! Glad you two had a good time.

  4. i don’t even know where to start…. the nametag picture had me laughing out loud–nice one, tonya! also, the orchard is cool now!?!? please tell me they have revamped the outdoor sign, which probably scared small children back in the day. and you passed up the “moons over my hammy” at denny’s?! nic, you look great!!!!

  5. sounds like a fun night…you never know what you’re going to get with a reunion. i like your haircut!

  6. I love the fact that you were so excited to go to the reunion. A feeling that I’m pretty sure that I will never be able to relate to 🙂

  7. OMG….is that Mike Dale?!?!?

  8. OK! What else did Matt steal? I can’t believe, even with a crowd of people, you all went into the Orchard Inn! They have knife fights and murder cycle riders in there. Did your kids know where you were!

  9. 1st of all, Matt youre too skinny – drink more beer. And what has he been stealing his whole life. I do hear he takes brand new bikes from 12 yr old and scratches them. I told your daddy on you.

    2nd the Orchard pic is a classic. And while they often have bands I’m not voting it the “hip” place. No knifes mom and murder cyclist arent bad people.

    3rd it’s sad I’m one yr older and only new Jack. See, us band geeks (and the fact that I was friends with Ann) stick together.

  10. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you with glasses, Nicole. . . cute!

  11. Hey Nicole! I wondered where you guys went after the reunion!! We were at Sneaky Pete’s (not that I needed any more to drink). Glad to see you guys!! Here are some more pictures of that fun, FUN night.

  12. We had a great time at the Reunion. It was great to meet all the friends that Kevin has talked about and done things with over the years.

  13. I just keep coming back to this one because I love looking at the Niemerg’s breakfast – makes me hungry everytime!!!!

  14. I guess I will be the only one to vouch that the Orchard is kind of cool now. Jake did say it right though last week, it was empty because all of my friends were at the wedding that night. Pretty sure they make up about half of the crowd in that place still (and don’t know how sure I am that I’m proud to say that…)

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