In Case I Ever Forget…

…3 kids is plenty for me. I know that there will come a day when I will have pangs for more babies, and it will be more about being pregnant and holding a brand new little one than about actually adding to our brood.

The reason today is a good reminder that 3 is enough because as I mentioned at the end of my last post, all 3 boys have colds (Matt has a sore throat, too, but he’s at work toughing it out). Luke can take care of himself, so that’s not so bad. Bennett’s getting a little better at being able to appropriately use the kleenex when blowing his nose, but he still needs help some of the time. And poor Jack Henry; his nose is like a little faucet. Since he doesn’t like the feeling of snot running down his face, he wipes it away himself with his sweet, chubby paw. He is starting to try to get away from me when I come at him with a kleenex. He’s definitely having the worst time of all of them, and isn’t napping well today, either.

This morning to pass some time and get us closer to naps we got out the playdoh…the boys’ favorite toy is the barber shop one that turns a ball of playdoh into 1639 small balls of playdoh. Of course, they end up on the floor, and truly, I don’t mind cleaning it up. It’s just that this is the first time Jack Henry has tried to help with the cleanup by ingesting what he finds on the floor. That made this a little less fun than it usually is for me.

Here are a couple of pictures (yes, the boys are still in their pjs. I don’t envision them changing until it’s time for baths and fresh jammies).

Big boys having fun!

Little boy not having fun. He is SO sensitive if you tell him no or scold him when he’s touching something he shouldn’t. He also really doesn’t like that “cleaning non-food items out of your mouth” finger swipe that I have to do several times a day. All of these things had just happened before this picture.

5 responses to “In Case I Ever Forget…

  1. With any luck the baby and I will be in Effingham for Thanksgiving for a “Diehl viewing”. You can get your baby fix for a while then.

  2. Although someone might pass you up at the 20 year if you stop now!!

  3. I’m here to testify – once you have three, you barely notice one more! So come on and join the club! Why not enjoy pregnancy and newborn-ness???

    OK, just kidding, it’s crazy here!

  4. Just wait til you see our little girl when we have one, as long as she looks like her mother, you will want to have another one….

  5. Suzanne and I are thinking about another, maybe we should just stick with 2. I mean three sounds like so much fun, but you have your hands full.

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