Talk Amongst Yourselves: Jeans

As a stay-at-home mom, my daily uniform is jeans…love them, spend almost every day in them. Sadly (or, really, not sadly, as it allows me to stay at home), I’m frugal. I would love to spend a lot on a few pairs, but I just can’t. So the Gap or cheaper it usually is. I really don’t have many pairs considering how much I wear them.

It’s very difficult for me to find a pair of jeans that fit, nevermind with a wash I really like. Or pockets that don’t make my butt look bigger than it really is. I know everyone thinks that about themselves, but it’s really true for me: I am really not in proportion. I dream of it, but it’s probably not going to happen, so instead, I shop endlessly for jeans. I ruined my favorite pair by wearing them literally until I was 7.5 months pregnant with Jack Henry last summer. Remember my hormonal post-baby jeans shopping experience?

I found one pair (while on vacation) from the Gap that I think I’m going to love! (EDITED TO ADD: I DID NOT LOVE THESE JEANS.) They’re going in the wash soon, so I can figure out how they wear and if I love them as much as I think I’m going to…cause sometimes, you know, they stretch out funky when you wear them, or they don’t wash well, or whatever.

So my question is: how many pairs of jeans do you own (you don’t have to count ratty old pairs that you’d only paint the house or mow the lawn in), and what’s the most you’ve ever spent on a pair of jeans? Come on, people…’fess up. I will in the comments in a while.

22 responses to “Talk Amongst Yourselves: Jeans

  1. I have about 15 pairs of jeans but really only wear about 5. Most of my jeans are from Old Navy or Target so the most is about $30. you are right….finding a really good fitting jean is hard!!

  2. If only Mike would respond to this question to tell how many pairs he owns. You would be way more shocked than my little answer of 7. Why do you think we had to put in more closet space? For me, oh no.

  3. I found a couple of pairs of jeans from the Limited that I love, love, love! There were origially about $60 or so, but I had gift cards and coupons. It is going to take ALOT of effort to get back into those after this baby!! Yikes!

    Maternity jeans – seriously, Denise has the most maternity jeans I have ever seen for one person!! Yay for me! I think I had 2 pairs – one of which I don’t like. She gave me a whole box full!!

    You are funny talking about your body! When I saw your pics from your trip, I was thinking you look like you have lost weight!!

  4. I have about 8 pairs of jeans. Express is my favorite place to buy them. They go on sale several times a year for $20 off so you can get them for about $40.

    Jean shopping is dreadful. They take a close 2nd in the “Can I Put This Off Any Longer” category to swimwear. Ick. I struggle with factoring in the “shrinkage & stretching” factors.

  5. I sadly only have ~5 pairs. . . and I don’t wear many of them often. I splurge on work clothes and tops to go out in. . . but not so much the jeans.

    I like the way Old Navy’s jeans fit. . . which is convenient because. . . they are cheap!!! šŸ™‚

  6. i have 5-6 pairs. most from the gap but my favorites are from j crew. i bought 2 pairs when we went down to branson for eric’s scuba diving trip and they had an outlet there so they weren’t so bad. maybe $60-70 and worth every penny.

  7. I only have about 5/6 pairs but wear two pairs the most….gap and express. I really love the express pair and get them when they are on sale like Kelli said above.

    I always say the next time I find a pair I love, I’m going to buy 5 pairs of them and then I never do.

  8. I have 3 pairs of jeans and I must say that my very favorite are the ones I spent the most on…go figure. They fit me great – just the right length, actually a little slimming *gasp*. I didn’t spend a ridiculous amount, $90.00, but more than I usually spend. My second favorite are the ones I spent $40.00 on, but they were 50% off at Banana Republic. Good deal! I, too, love a good pair of jeans. I have short legs so I have to have the right pair or jeans can make me look stubby! Not cool.

  9. Don’t laugh. But until just last month I had 1 pair of jeans. I gave those away because there were post baby jeans and too big. I just bought 2 pairs for $11.50 each at Belks (they were 40% off the clearance price) and one at JCP for $3.

    My favorite pair look more like slacks and have some Lycra in them so they maintain a nice shape. I’m a frugal one too. The most spent on MY jeans were the post baby ones for whatever Old Navy jeans go for on sale.

    With all that money saved I am hoping to splurge on a pair of red heels soon. šŸ™‚ I love reading the style sections in the Wall Street Journal and they have great tips about spending lots on the things that are classic (or that you really love) and spending less on those things that are trendy and less likely to survive the ever changing styles for women. That’s such a basic concept I’m sure I should have known by my age, but it was good to read. Makes me feel better about spending good money on classic comfortable shoes. (Which I have only done once.)

  10. Ok, curvy is sexy, so don’t go there about proportions. The capri’s you had on yesterday were cute and fit you well.
    I have about8 pairs of jeans, but only wear 3 or 4 of them. The most I’ve spent on jeans was $80. Kut from the Kloth at Nordstrom. They’re worth every penny. Just go and try on a pair.They did shrink a little bit in the length. I have a hard time finding jeans that are long enough for me.

  11. I probably have about 6 pairs but only wear about 3 or 4 of them. I am pretty cheap, so I think I’ve probably only spent about $40 max on my best, most stylish, least comfortable pair of jeans.

    I like plain Levi’s, and the pair that I love, love, love, I found at Costco. Unfortunately, even though they are low riding, boot cut, my stylish girlfriends told me that they look like “mom jeans.” Those same friends made me buy the $40 jeans that give me a huge muffin top!

  12. OK, I have 7 pairs, I think. Trouble is, three of them are a little too big (and were actually just purchased last year, post-Jack Henry….luckily, they were only about $20 a pair. They’re wearable, but not that cute). 2 pairs of them are gross, and not worn out of the house. That leaves me with a whopping TWO pairs of jeans, one of which is my new pair that I haven’t worn yet!

    However, they are Gap’s new Curvy Straight jeans (which sounds like an oxymoron, I know, but they’re straight-cut jeans for curvy girls!) and I have very high hopes for them. They were $40, on sale for $35, which is probably around the most I’ve spent on jeans.

  13. I truly only have 3-4 prs right now–am in need of some! My all time faves are Lauren Saturday fit. Slims the backside and has a low enough waist for my taste. They are so comfortable I have literally worn out the knees in 3 pairs. I, too, am very frugal, and this may gross some people out, but I always find a great deal on them on ebay. Yes, previously worn. I do wash them before I wear them! I can usually pick up a pair for under $25.00! Now that’s a bargain!

  14. Great question Nicole! I feel like a bit of a loser though..I have a limit/max on how much I’ll pay for jeans. I’m willing to pay more than I would on other things, but I refuse to pay more than $50 for a pair. I love to look for the good stuff that is on sale.

    I think I have 6 pairs of jeans. However, I wear 3 or 4 of them regularly. My favorite jeans are my Ann Taylor Loft jeans and my Calvin Klein jeans. I probably paid $50 for the ATL jeans however I found the CK jeans on clearance at Macy’s for no kidding, $20!! (originally they were something like $70).

    The trick with jeans is to have one pair of jeans that scream “I am SO freaking HOT!” and then the other ones should just work for other stuff. Spend the money on the “freaking hot” jeans and then go cheap on the others is what I say!

    And can we talk about the nightmare that is maternity jeans? *sigh*

  15. Jill – LOVE that you shop ebay for jeans. Not gross at all to me. If the Gap didn’t change the cut of their jeans all of the time (meaning that you can’t always rely on the cut you used to wear fitting you now), I’d definitely do that.

    And Tiff, love the “freaking hot” jeans = worth more money. TJMaxx and Marshalls often have great deals on jeans from the season before…that’s where my previous pair of favorites came from. They were a $75 pair of Tommy Hilfiger jeans that I got for $25!

  16. I have 8 pairs. Of course, I love to shop way to much. I’m actually shocked that I only found 8. I guess I need to do some shopping.
    I like jeans from Ann Taylor Loft and Banana Republic. Since you are a little bit taller, Ann Taylor online has talls. I don’t know if the Ann Taylor are my favorite, but I get a lot of compliments on them. A lot of my friends have went and bought pairs so I know they fit a lot of different body types. I also find good deals at the Banana outlet store for my jeans. I just bought a cute pair on sale at White House Black Market for $30 and they are a good dressy jean, not necessarily a mommy jean. Hope this helps. Good Luck!!

  17. I never had a pair of jeans until I was thirty years old! Being a Daycare Provider I lived in jeans. One of my kiddies ask if thats all I had.

    I buy all my jeans at UVfactory Outlet. Most are $10 but sometimes I splurge and buy the expensive ones $20. Lees tend to fit me better. I won’t try on anything over $30. I have 14 pairs but only wear 7.

  18. I have 7 pairs of non-holey jeans covering a range of about 4 different sizes. Several of them are what I wear as I am gaining/losing weight due to having a baby pretty much every year. 2 or 3 of them are my “regular” non-pregnant size. Of these my favorite is from American Eagle, and is their classic (not ultra-low) waist, Favorite style. I’ve bought this style twice and managed to do so both times on clearance for $15. That’s the most I’ve spent on a pair of jeans in the last 5 years. I’m also a fan of buying them used at Plato’s Closet.

  19. Ooooo I love this conversation! I too like to shop at Plato’s closet and found a pair there for $20 (rather pricey for used I thought) but they are Armani Exchange. I checked their retail price $125. With mixed emotion I will say that they are my all time favorite (by a mile) pair. I fear if I wear them too hard they might not last very long… They give me a little more junk in my trunk. Some of us need to manufacture curves!
    I am embarrassed to admit that I once bought pair of 7 jeans for $80 (retail over $200). They are so low-rise that they are hard to wear. I have buyer’s regret on that pair.
    I have 6 total.

  20. Until recently I had two pairs of jeans, both were purchased at GAP. We have jeans day Fridays, so I had to go buy some that were in better condition. (These jeans were several years old.) I found a couple of pairs at Ann Taylor Loft, on sale of course! I also found a pair when I was in Madison. We have the store in St. Louis, but I can’t remember the name. My most recent pair were ordered online through Banana Republic. They were $15 after the sale price, my coupon, etc.

  21. Ok…this hits the spot! I have been dying to find a few pair of maternity jeans that #1 dont cost $50 and #2 dont look like they came from a dollar store (which I have no problem with except with maternity jeans).

    SO……if any one has some they would like to part with for a decent price ( or on loan) let me know know.

    PS……my mom wears colored denim that in my opinion dont count as jeans.

  22. I just want to chime in & say THANKS for the tip on the curvy straight jeans from Gap! I bought 2 pairs today along with 1 pair of curvy flare!!! I hated spending the money, but I can’t remember the last time I was actually comfortable in a pair of jeans. So now I have 3 good pairs, 2 okay pairs (ya know… the ones where my crack shows anytime I sit down), & about 4 that I need to pitch. Thanks Nicole!

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