*My oven’s cleaner than your oven.  I know, it’s not nice to brag, but still.  I cleaned mine today!  Wait, I have a self-cleaning oven, so it actually cleaned itself.  But, I committed the 4+ hours to the project that was required.  And, no one burned themselves on the outside of the oven, which gets really, really hot.  I chose today because I thought for SURE Jack Henry would take a big nap this afternoon, given that he didn’t have a morning nap.  He slept for 40 minutes and then was up for the rest of the day.

*Nana Jo is coming for a 2 day visit tomorrow!  We’re all excited to have her come over.

*Tonight was Curriculum Night at Luke’s school.  So very odd to be in attendance as a parent and not as a character education consultant, as I was for four years.  It was just strange to be there as an audience member (not that I think parents don’t play a crucial role in their child’s education…parent involvement is one of the reasons we chose this school for Luke!).  I really think it’s going to be a struggle for me this year as I adjust to this role instead of the one I’m accustomed to in elementary schools, which is looking for areas to improve upon and then working with the staff to do just that.  They might not take too kindly to me if I choose that route!  I did get the principal’s ear for a second, though, and I’m looking forward to talking with him further and being a part of their stakeholder meetings.

*Tonight after the meeting, I went to the grocery store, so that I can make something delicious in the crock pot tomorrow when Nana Jo is here! On the way home, I heard John Mayer’s “Your Body is a Wonderland,” and realized, sadly, that “The Office” has totally ruined that song for me. It’s the Benihana Christmas episode, where a drunken Michael and Andy sing karaoke to that song (to their two Benihana waitress dates), and while it’s hilarious, it’s now all I can think of when I hear John Mayer’s beautiful voice telling me that he won’t let my head hit the bed without his hand behind it. Good news, though, “The Office” is back September 25th. Can’t wait!

*I am officially going to be an AWANA leader at our church on Wednesday nights, working with 3, 4 and 5 year olds, helping them learn Bible verses and play games. Libby, if you’re reading this, can you give me some advice? It’ll be interesting to say the least.

6 responses to “Randomness

  1. No fair! I was just looking at my gross oven today thinking…”WHEW!” and that I really need to clean it. I have a self cleaning oven too but I’ve never let it do it’s thing…does it really work I wonder? I must try committing myself to this process. Can I do it overnight? Hmmmmm…

  2. I have a self-cleaning oven too but it totally freaks me out how hot it gets. I clean it by hand rather than use the self-cleaning setting.

    AWANA has had a huge impact on my girls. I’ve been an AWANA leader for…. (computing)…. well I guess we are getting ready to start the 12th year. 😮 Rebecca became a leader too and she’s entering her 3rd year of that.

  3. i think your oven would have been cleaner than mine even before you cleaned it. i don’t like the smell the self-cleaning makes so i do it rarely.
    good for you for doing awana. you’ll do great.

  4. Congratulations on being an Awana leader. You’re lucky to be so close. That will be lots of fun for you.

  5. i totally feel sorry for any of Elle’s future teachers because they will have to deal with me…a former teacher. hopefully i will behave & be an asset to her teachers rather than a pain.

  6. And the beans keep spilling apparently! Every time my husband returns home I hear how he “might” have mentioned something about this, that, or the other!! It keeps me honest if nothing else! Anyway, concerning AWANA, my strategy went something like this…Dear God, please let them all stay at the table, not cry, and possibly learn something about you even though they seem to only be barely paying attention and partially repeating after me as likely even a parrot might do. Then I look two tables over where the kids are eagerly paying attention and reciting verses in unison and am humbled once again. But I loved hanging out with those kids and I hope that resonated with them.

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