Hurricane Ike in the STL, Including My Backyard

We got back to STL tonight after being in Effingham Saturday-Sunday for my cousin Katie’s wedding. We came home to this:


Yep, that dead tree in my neighbor’s yard* that I’ve been b*tching about for years finally bit the dust in the remnant hurricane winds last night, and clearly did some damage.  It’s much larger than it looks in the pictures.  I guess we’ll be finding out how good our neighbors’ insurance is! And I guess we’ll meet these neighbors…I’ve never once seen them (their house is down a hill and they’re never outside, plus we have the fence).

Obviously, this is nothing compared to Houston, where my sweet friend Hannah and my cousin Eric live (not together.  They don’t know each other.). She’s updating her blog when she can.

*Ahem. Matt just hypothesized that the dead tree might actually be in our yard. Could it really be possible that the previous owners of this house built the fence inside the property line to avoid cutting down trees? Please, Lord, let that not be the case. And why did this just occur to him NOW?


OK, I’m back.  Matt literally pulled out our survey and we went outside and measured our backyard.  It’s possible that this tree is ours.  I will died laughing if that’s the case, because it’s been a thorn in my side for years, worrying that it will fall on our house in a storm.


Nope, the tree is NOT on our property. Matt fixed our fence so we didn’t have to file a claim against her insurance.

2 responses to “Hurricane Ike in the STL, Including My Backyard

  1. Oh wow! I’ll bet the boys thought this was really something! (Hope it didn’t scare Luke – I can just picture him worrying about this!)

    Unbelievable that the offending tree could really be yours . . . 😦

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