WFMW: The Toys Worth Buying Edition

New WFMWFun themed WFMW over at Rocks in my Dryer this week! People are listing toys that are worth the money, i.e. get played with for more than a month and can be counted on to keep your kids busy while you blog when you’re cleaning your house.

Here’s what we’ve liked at our house (for boys ages 1-6):

1. Any Lego set. Since Luke’s only (almost!) 6, the simple ones are great because he can follow the directions himself on some of them. Or, he’ll create his own, often based on one of the examples.

2. Kid K’Nex. These aren’t expensive, they’re fun and easy to build with, and when they’re a little older (like Bennett’s age – 3 1/2) they can start following the directions to put together what’s on the booklet.

3. A big fat stack of white paper and some Crayola washable markers.

4. Fisher Price Little People sets, from the big garage/farm/etc to the smaller stuff like the cars. My boys have spent literally hundreds of hours combined playing with these toys.

5. Leapster. Totally worth the money, as are the games that go with it.

6. Any type of small figurine of movie characters/Disney “Cars” cars/superhero. This promises to be the year of Star Wars in our house, and I can’t wait for the boys to have a new set of these to play with. They’ll stay busy for hours with this type of toy!

7. Though we’re currently on a break from this toy (kid-induced, it wasn’t taken away or anything), the Lite Brite has also been very, very popular in our house. And I’m sure it’s popularity will come back around.

8. Oh my gosh, I almost forgot Geotrax! From about age 2 on, the boys have LOVED this toy, and we’ve gotten lots of additional sets along the way. This will be the 4th Christmas in a row, I believe, that we’ve gotten more pieces to go with it. It is a big space-consumer, but we have ours in the basement so it doesn’t matter.

Check here for more great toy ideas!

7 responses to “WFMW: The Toys Worth Buying Edition

  1. i think we’re going to get kenny some/a lego set for x-mas.

  2. This is really helpful!

  3. Jill (thebaglady)

    GeoTrax rock!! Lucas started getting them 6 years ago & is still asking for more for this X-mas (he’ll be 8 next week). Now Blake (2 years old) is starting to play with them too 🙂

  4. That’s a great list of toys and most are gender neutral.
    #3 is a favorite around here.

    By the way, we featured you in our newsletter today. You can see it at

  5. That’s a great list! We too love the K’nex and Leapster. We will also be having a Star Wars Christmas although he got TONS of it for his birthday last week!

  6. One of our favorite toys is 1/2″ PVC pipe and various fittings like caps, elbows and Ts. Our kids build things (mainly weapons) and it’s cheep, unusual, fun and versatile. We shoot marshmallow through them at times. No one has PVC pipe as a toy so they get lots of use by our kids and their friends.

    (We sound like a REALLY strange family!)

  7. my kids did love that at your house, suzanne 🙂

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