WFMW: Peroxide’s Pretty Handy to Have Around.

New WFMWI was going to title this one “Removing Blood” but that’s a bit macabre, so I went with what’s up there. You can thank me later.

In a house full of boys, there’s bound to be some bleeding now and then. I don’t think I’ve told this story here before, so I’ll give a little history to how I found out that this works so well. When Luke (4 at the time) and Bennett (2) were new at sharing a room together, bedtime was difficult. Really, really difficult. For about the first two months or so. One night I went back there for the umpteenth time to calm the horseplay, and noticed that there was something dark on the wall. “Is that blood?” I asked the boys. Luke was like, “Um, no, I don’t think so. No one’s bleeding.”

So I turned on the light, and sure enough, it was blood on the wall.  And on Bennett’s lip.  Truth was they’d been wrestling, and though Bennett didn’t feel it, he’d busted his lip a little bit (and then somehow smeared blood on the wall?  Really?).  A minute later I saw it: blood on the new comforters.  They were not very expensive, so I hadn’t planned to wash them often for fear that they’d fall apart.  And here we were, less than a month into using them, and there were blood spots on them.

The next morning, I remembered that peroxide can remove blood from things when it’s pretty fresh, so I put a bit of peroxide on a Q-Tip and dabbed it to the spot, afraid that it would bleach out the color.  Thankfully, it did not, and the blood bubbled up, and I wiped it away with a clean, damp rag.  POOF!  Blood gone, comforter looks like new again.

I’m here to help.  And to try and keep those boys from drawing blood.

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5 responses to “WFMW: Peroxide’s Pretty Handy to Have Around.

  1. I love learning tricks like this – thanks!

  2. Oh wow…I had no idea! Thanks for the tip!

  3. I am the same way with comforters for boys – but now use a duvet cover (or one can make their own with the appropriate sized sheets sewn around three sides) and the cover slides (well it takes some work) in and protects the comforters fairly well. BUT knowing boys, well the peroxide tip is still necessary and appreciated! 🙂

  4. If the blood is still wet and it is something smaller, cold water takes care of it. There were multiple times when working for the men’s soccer team in college that I had to get blood out of uniforms. Often, I would rinse it out at a drinking fountain or faucet at the soccer field before even going back to the locker laundry room.

    Obviously, with a large comforter, that would work so great, but if you get blood on cloths – it might help.

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