WFMW: Cutting Cake or Brownies

New WFMWThis week’s WFMW is a 2-for-1 special!

It’s much easier to cut brownies with a plastic knife than a metal one, for some reason. It just is. I don’t know why. But try it if you don’t already do this, and you’ll be amazed at the difference.

Also: if you have to cut a cake at a baby shower/wedding/any event with a cake that it’s not in the pan, take a long piece of dental floss and pull it tight between your hands, and just slice through the cake. It’s easy to see if you’re making a straight line (well, easier than with a knife, at least) and it doesn’t make such a mess. After you cut straight down into the cake, pull the floss out through the bottom – don’t pull it back up through where you just cut. My mother-in-law taught me this trick!

For more of what works, go to Rocks In My Dryer.

6 responses to “WFMW: Cutting Cake or Brownies

  1. Yeah, and the best part is that it doesn’t ruin the design on the cake. I always carry some when I’m asked to cut cake at weddings. Which, by the way, is the worst job to be asked to do. “Hey, will you be a bridesmaid? Hmmmm . . . and what about you? Will you serve food to my guests?”

    Ok, I’m done.

  2. Jill (thebaglady)

    I learn so much here! I’ll have to try these tricks soon. Thanks!

  3. I really could have use the whole cutting brownies with a plastic knife idea on Halloween as I tried hopelessly to cut brownies in a coffin shape.

  4. Wow….amazing!
    I will try this…..where have I been?

  5. That plastic-knife-on-brownies tip is amazing! I just tried it this morning and I can’t believe what a difference it makes compared to a regular metal knife. Now my natural left-brainedness is pondering the “why” of that.

    Thanks for the tips!

  6. I love the floss tip! But my cake designs surely don’t deserve it.

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