WFMW: That Mushroom Cutting Thingy

New WFMWI have in my kitchen a tool that I cannot live without…something that you might not know about…The Mushroom Xpress. Does the name sound like a cheesy as-seen-on-tv product to you? It should, because it is. But guess what? It really works. No joke.

And since I just looked this up online to post about it, I realized that I should have been using this thing for strawberries for the last several years and it never occured to me! Darn it. Oh well…now I know. Won’t my strawberry shortcake look nice next summer, with all of those uniformly-sliced strawberries on top?

I use it for mushrooms, of course, but also for hard-boiled eggs. Slices them perfectly for salads. And if you’re making egg salad, you can dice the eggs in this puppy too, by turning the egg around 90 degrees.

Oh, and just between you and me, the reason that I love this thing so much is that I kinda don’t like really sharp knives. Specifically, I don’t like cutting up small things with really sharp knives. And slicing up mushrooms requires the use of one if you don’t have this tool.

Add this totally practical item to your Christmas list! Hurry…it’s not too late 🙂 And go to Rocks in my Dryer. Shannon’s posted some soup recipes!

4 responses to “WFMW: That Mushroom Cutting Thingy

  1. I need to get ahold of one of these! I hate chopping up mushrooms!

  2. Hey I like that! I have an egg slicer but the slicy things are just thin wires and would no way handle a mushroom or strawberry without breaking. Or smushing the food.

  3. this may have to go on my xmas list. along with the pineapple corer. (doesn’t that sound horrible that i’m asking for them for xmas?)

  4. Hey that sounds like a good idea I’m sure my wife would love one of those.

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