WFMW: Remembering to Slow Down Already.

New WFMWJust a little reminder of the real reason for Christmas…that’s what works for me. I’m making myself crazy with how much I have to do, and I just need to take a breath.

I had this on my blog last Christmas, and I just love this song. Enjoy!

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5 responses to “WFMW: Remembering to Slow Down Already.

  1. Have you heard “Who Would Imagine A King” by Whitney Houston? I love it.

  2. I let go of the hustle and bustle a few years ago. This year I’m doing a lot less decorating. Much easier to focus on that manger now.

    God bless

  3. Thank you so much for the reminder of what is really important. I think all of us need to hear this several times per day. I love the snow on your blog!

  4. I forgot how much I love this. I agree w/ Audra–I should listen to it every day.

    And I keep forgetting to mention how I also love the snowflakes drifting down!

  5. I feel the same way Nicole. This brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for the “time out”. (Now I have to run and pick the kids up from Awanas.) Awesome song!

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