New Christmas Traditions

This year marks the beginning of several new Christmas traditions for our little family. I want to document them lest I forget next year what we did this season!

A little background: since Matt and I are both from Effingham, we have always gone home for Christmas.  For many years we didn’t even consider not going home; but the last couple, we’ve felt like it would be fun to be at our own house on Christmas, so that our kids can wake up in their own beds on Christmas morning.  So last year we decided that we’d start that in 2008…and it works out well because we can go home for a few days immediately after Christmas over the weekend.

While we’re both a little sad about not being there for what we’ve always done, we are really excited about the new traditions we’re hoping to create.  The beauty of this is if any of it is bad, we’ll scrap it and do something else next year.  But, here’s our plan:

♦ Christmas Eve Service at church (ok, this part definitely won’t be bad, and we wouldn’t scrap it even if it was!)

♦ Back home for the night, where we’re making homemade pizzas for dinner (well, partially homemade pizzas, on Boboli crusts)

♦ Reading the Christmas story from the Bible…Matt thinks it would be fun to do this by candlelight.  I think that there will be more misbehavior with only candlelight, so we’ll see…

♦ Open one present, and then time for bed! The boys have matching pajamas this year…there’s no way Bennett will actually sleep in them, so I’m hoping he’ll put them on Christmas morning. Since they will be required for present-opening, I’m pretty sure he’ll oblige.

♦ Christmas morning, after presents are opened, I think we’re going to make donuts, an idea I stole from here. We made these donuts all the time growing up, and I’ve only made them once or twice with my kids simply because I never fry anything. But this will be fun….though I think we’ll skip the frosting. I can’t handle them THAT sugared up so early in the morn.

♦ I’d really like to try and see this house sometime, too, if it fits into our plans.  Thanks, Julie!

Merry Christmas, everyone. Mucho pictures to come, I’m sure. Brace yourselves.

8 responses to “New Christmas Traditions

  1. Yay for new traditions!! We started a new tradition last year…love it, but still broke it this year. Oh well…

  2. Nicole, there’s another such house very near where I live. Email me if you are interested and I’ll send you the address/directions.

    You are brave to try the donut making adventure, I think.

  3. That sounds great . . . I’m excited to hear how it goes.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. You go could to the house on your way home from Church, ok not really on the way, but just an idea. Merry Christmas!!!

  5. I will say this….breaking these traditions is very hard. Not having you guys around on Dad’s Birthday and sort of “getting Christmas started early” was always fun. The bright side of things is that you are replacing them with new ones that your kids will look forward to every year!
    Cant wait to see you guys this weekend!

  6. I hope your new traditions bring your family together with peace and happiness. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas!

  7. Cookies are ready for everyone’s arrival! No “real food” made yet, though!

    My mom made those donuts too! We never frosted them; we just gave them a quick roll in cinnamon-sugar (the holes, too, of course)! I never once made them for M, H, & A–what a bad mom!! Just always seemed such a mess, and I wasn’t sure I could do them right!

    I won’t say how many cupfuls of chex mix I’ve had already.

    See you all soon! Hope you had a fun Christmas Eve with the kids, and I KNOW they will be fired up tomorrow morning!

  8. I use to have slumber parties when I was a pre-teen and would make these doughnuts for my friends all the time. They loved them! I’ll have to make them for my daughter now too! Thanks for the reminder. We use to use a 2 liter bottle cap to punch the holes in the biscuits. We also use to use a melon baller. YUM

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