Talk Amongst Yourselves: St. Louis Dining

I realize this only has regional appeal, but I’d love to compile a list of favorite St. Louis restaurants. You know, local ones…not “oh! I love the Chili’s off Hwy 141!”, k? (Not knocking Chili’s. I’m a big fan of the Southwestern Cobb Salad. And many other things.)

So, here are a few to get us started…add yours in the comments and I’ll add them to the post when I have time! Feel free to participate even if you don’t live here but have visited and have favorites. And I know I have a couple of former St. Louisans who are readers, so girls, get thinking!

Restaurants that make a nice date (they don’t have to be uber-pricey; just nicer than your run-of-the-mill casual restaurant):
*Mosaic (downtown)
*1111 Mississippi (Lafayette Square)
*Sen Thai Bistro (downtown)

Italian (gets it’s own special category because of The Hill…what are your faves?)
*Favazza’s (#1)
*Cunetto’s (#2)
*Zia’s (#3)
*Bartolino’s (#4)

*J Buck’s (multiple locations – the downtown one is nice!)
*Fitz’s (Delmar Loop)
*Blueberry Hill (Delmar Loop)
*The Burger Bar @ Lumiere Place (downtown)
*Fortel’s Pizza Den (multiple locations)

Really casual
*The Daily Bread (Des Peres)
*The Village Bar (Des Peres) (disclaimer – I haven’t been here in years, and it’s kind of a dive, but they had great burgers.)

Carryout only
*Gourmet to Go (Ladue and Clayton)…I’m kinda breaking the rule here, because they are also in Denver per their website. But seriously, people…their stuff is awesome.

*Ted Drewes (everyone knows where this is!)

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17 responses to “Talk Amongst Yourselves: St. Louis Dining

  1. Whenever Tim and I talk about our college life in the ‘LOU’, the spread of eclectic restaurants always come to mind!

    Here goes (some of these restaurants might not exist anymore…sadly)

    CWE (Central West End)
    Bar Italia
    Majestics (greek)

    Sydney Street Cafe (we had our first date there..awww….)

    Harvest (nice, for dates or family occasions)
    Big Sky Cafe (probably my favorite from our college years!!)

    Bon Appetit!

  2. I don’t know many local places yet…. (it’s rare we go to a nice restaurant -and even rarer that it’s in the city!), but I had to mention McGurk’s. Although I’ve heard the one out here has even better food than the one in Soulard, given that I think it’s almost considered more of a restaurant than a pub/hang out spot.

    Also, I guess I’ll just go ahead and make a “pub” category, because I have to add the Morgan Street Brewery; I’ve always really liked their food (and would give anything to have their potato coniques on a regular basis!) and we like to eat there if we’re anywhere near the landing.

    I’ve been in my fair share of pubs (is that concerning?!) and I know they have a rap for having “pub food”… you know, it doesn’t have to be as good because nobody’s really there for the food kind of thing… but these are two places that I’ve found are all about the food!

    I’m making note of these spots so we have someplace new to try on our next date night… whenever that may be…
    Thanks Monika for putting your suggestions by area! That’s good for us newbies!!

  3. I’ve never lived there, but I love St. Louis. I would move there in a heartbeat, given the right circumstances. But when we’d go to St. Louis in college, I rarely had money for anything other than fast food or the Spaghetti Factory. 🙂

  4. Instead of updating the post, why not make it a page?
    Vin de Set is good especially when its nice out.
    Corner Pub is good too for casual. Fritz for dessert.
    I love the quesadilla explosion salad from Chilis!

  5. Guest blogger Mike here, I must add…a few-

    Il Frattelini in Clayton…for italian, romantic atmo, and fantastic food.
    Atomic Cowboy in The Grove…for fun.
    Pi in the Loop for pizza, very fresh and different.
    Sekisui in Grand Business District for sushi.
    Bobo at Skinker and Forest Park for asian fusion…our favorite now.
    The Boathouse in Forest Park…summer or winter, relaxing and the food is pretty good.
    Pho Grand on Grand for Vietnamese, best in town…still.

    Most of these are relatively inexpensive and quite delightful!

  6. Oh this is great stuff! Ok…stuff I like but I can’t promise addresses.

    Olympia Kabob House -it’s off McKelvey I think…if that’s really a street name. I’ll ask my sis. Great greek place.

    Cicero’s-Webster Groves. If you don’t know about this place, you gotta go. Great girl hang out and awesome desserts.

    Spencer’s-in Kirkwood. The best blueberry pancakes EVER. Just a tiny hole-in-the-wall diner.

    Charlotte’s Rib-oh the BBQ goodness. This is in Ballwin/Ellisville off Clayton over by Kelli S’s house. It’s Jer and my fav.

    There are so many more…I have brain freeze. I’ll keep thinking. Great stuff though! I’ve always wanted to try that Wapato place.

  7. Oh yeah, Miss Aimee Bee’s Tea House in St. Charles-get the Peach Bomb in the summer.

  8. Mmmm. . .

    Cunetto’s is my fav on the Hill. Zia’s is a close second.

    Love Riddle’s in the loop ( . .

    Love McGurk’s in Soulard. . . awesome beer garden, awesome pesto tortellini (who would have guessed at an Irish pub?)

    Love Joanie’s Pizza in Soulard. (I basically love all of Soulard, for the record.)

    OOH, most important!. . . City Coffeehouse and Creperie in Clayton. . . Mmmmm. . . love me some crepes.

    I am probably forgetting lots. . . but those are the places I try to hit every time I get to visit!

  9. I ditto all of Mike’s suggestions. But I have to suggest Modesto on Shaw Blvd on The Hill. It’s a tapas place and I think it’s alot better than Modestos.

  10. To help Tiffany, Olympia is on McCausland near Dogtown and they do great Greek.

  11. ohhhhh how i love this idea. jastin and i love good local restaurants. here goes my additions to your list:

    nice date restaurants:
    niche – right down the road from sidney street cafe and has been in many food magazines.
    vin de set – same owners as 1111 mississippe and great outdoor dining with amazing view of downtown.

    atomic cowboy – this has already been mentioned by somebody but deserves a second nod.
    chavas – i’m a sucker for good mexican and this place is great. located in soulard
    house of wong – great asian food in clayton
    il vino – great pizza in clayton
    king and i – great thai located on south grand

    really casual:
    blues city deli – i can’t say enough about this deli. it’s located in the benton park/soulard area near jefferson and gravois. the line is usually out the door for lunch. if you work downtown you have to try this place at least once. lucky for us it’s 2 blocks from our house.

    that’s all i have for now but i’m sure i will think of more.

  12. Because we could eat pizza every day and not get sick of it – Dewey’s in Kirkwood (on Kirkwood) is amazing.

    Because we like sushi (I know not everyone does… don’t know why…) – Nippon Tei at Manchester and Weidman.

    Because there are times when you just need a cheeseburger – Youngs in Valley Park at 141 and Vance (they have good soft-serve, too).

    Because there are times when you just need a cheeseburger and some IBC rootbeer from a barrel, and there’s no other place like it – Carl’s in Rock Hill on Manchester.

    Because chocolate is a gift from God – Bailey’s Chocolate Bar in Lafayette Square

    Because I heart crab rangoon, especially theirs – Sesame Chinese at Watson and Lindbergh

  13. I’m not in STL but my husband was born and raised there, and we visit family when we can:

    *ditto on Olympia
    *Koppermann’s for breakfast (blinis!)
    *The Chase for bug-eyed-big Sunday brunch
    *Posh Nosh in Clayton for lunch
    *The King and I on South Grand for Thai food
    *Rigazzi’s for pizza and a fishbowl of beer
    *Giovanni’s on the Hill for Italian
    *Dominic’s on the Hill for the veal chop
    *Schneidhorst’s Kaffe Haus for the Bevo burger and onion rings
    *Kemoll’s for fried artichoke hearts and garlic cheese bread
    *Woofie’s off of Page Ave. for Chicago style dogs and cheese fries (first stop from the airport, every time)
    *Harvest (husband went to school with Gontram so have to put that here)

  14. LOVE this idea….sad to say though that I don’t remember a lot of the names of places we used to go to. I always liked McGurk’s and Joanie’s pizza in Soulard. We went to both those places for lunch a lot when I worked right by the brewery in STL.
    I would eat any italian and all the time so we really loved all the restaurant on the Hill. Good suggestions for the Hill Nicole.

    This is really making me miss all the different areas of STL. That is the one thing we tell people that really makes STL….all the different “areas” you can visit!

  15. Oh thanks for the help Melissa. McCausland, that’s it! I get street names from here in WA and in STL mixed up….

  16. Heather-welcome to STL!

    Here are a couple of other great eateries that I forgot to mention!

    They are in the “Loop” area.

    1. Blueberry Hill (great burgers)
    2. Fitz’s (great bar food and fun hangout)

    1. The Tap Room (the best beer)

    1. Cardwells (great spot for a girls afternoon lunch!)

    I also love The King and I for Thai food that was mentioned by Tari in her comment.

  17. Suzanne James

    I’m sharing this link with an Australian (who is visiting the States for several weeks) and is headed to STL. Thanks Nicole!

    Suzanne James
    (via Fort Worth)

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