Ramblings from a Tired Mom

* It occurs to me that there is a silver lining in this house-full-of-sick-kids business…this is a beautiful reminder that three children are plenty, thankyouverymuch. Any time I romanticize having another baby (snuggly, smelling-good, sweet bundle that just eats and sleeps and cries), I will remember this day (puke and snotty noses and 10 loads of laundry – not kidding – and croup).
* Is there a better feeling in the world than wrapping up in a soft blanket fresh from the dryer?
* I HATE my washing machine. More than the actual machine, I hate that the floor it sits on is not flat, which is the real problem. We’ve done everything imaginable to level it, but as soon as there is a slightly off-balanced load (I’m talking like a wet hand towel can cause a problem), the machine acts all crazy. I do not have time to babysit the washer.
* Hooray for Kurt Warner and the Arizona Cardinals (they’re heading to the SuperBowl in case you aren’t a football fan)! I didn’t really pay any attention to the NFL until the playoffs, but I love Kurt Warner and will cheer for whatever team he’s playing for. Ironically, it’s a team that used to be in STL.
* I hate being left out of fun family things. Waaah.
* Update on health: we’ve really had an OK day. Luke’s been quarantined, which doesn’t make him happy, but that’s the way it goes around here if you barf. Bennett’s been fine all day, just blew his nose a couple of times and that’s it, so here’s hoping he’s done with croup. Forever. And no one else is sick. Yet.

Bennett is really missing his big brother today. It was so sweet at bedtime when he prayed, he asked God to make Luke feel better, and then he got a little teary-eyed because he missed him! That boy has the power to tug at my heartstrings in one minute, and the next he does something so ridiculous I can’t stand it.
* I don’t even know how to introduce this video clip, except to say that it’s just Bennett being Bennett. He does this little “yeah” celebration when he likes something. It’s so weird and funny to me that I had to share it (Jack Henry has his own little version of it now, too!). We think he may have adapted it from what the Miis do on Wii Play when they win a round, but we’re not sure and he has no idea.

10 responses to “Ramblings from a Tired Mom

  1. Thanks Bennett! I think I’ve found my new celebratory dance! If only I had seen this earlier, the marathoners may have seen it today!!! 🙂

    Toooooo funny.

    Hoping tonight/tomorrow is a better day!

  2. I hope things only get better from here on out. Yuck and double yuck. Little kids puking is definitely at the top of things I’d rather not deal with.
    What Bennett said about Luke is so sweet. My 2 that are more frustrating are also capable of the most sincere and amazing sweetness, praise the Lord!
    If you need a quick “new baby fix” let me know… you’re welcome to some cuddle time with mine. 🙂

  3. I too hope the babes start to feel better.

    The video is awesome. So cute…the spirit’s definitely move’en


  4. I absolutely think the “yeah” bobbing looks just like the Wii people!!

    He is THE biggest softie when it comes to empathizing with his brothers! When I was there, I saw him just go up to Jack Henry many times to give him a hug/cuddle, and he absolutely idolizes Luke!

    Here’s to a feeling-good day tomorrow! 🙂

  5. Unbelievable that you can get Bennett to do whatever you want him to on camera!! I can’t wait ’til my kids are old enough to do that!

    So excited about Arizona in the superbowl too 🙂 I went to college with Neil Racker’s wife (he’s the kicker). So weird to know some one whose husband is going to playing in the Super Bowl!

  6. it’s interesting that the strongest willed kids can be the most sensitive kids also. bennett’s celebration cracked me up. not at all what i was expecting!

    praying for a healthy day!

  7. poor guys feeling all sick! and poor you, too! hopefully tomorrow is better.

    ben’s prayer is too sweet!!!!

  8. Yes, that is a total Wii move! What I like more is that instead of a scream, it’s kind of a whisper “yeah.” No complaining from me! Glad to hear you may have stopped the bug!

  9. Yeah…Yeah…Yeah… priceless!

    I can’t decide who I’m rooting for in the Superbowl. On one hand, I’ve always liked the Steeler’s. On the other hand, I like the Arizona underdog story. And Kurt Warner is kinda hot!

    Hope your kids get better soon. I love reading about them!

  10. Hey anytime you want to trade Bennett and Korry for the afternoon I’m up for it. Not sure I could handle all 3! I was telling mom today (after Korry wet through her onsie) that if I have to change clothes 3x a day in the next 4 months I’m going to lose it!!

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