Some Really, Really Important Stuff about the Grammy Awards

OK, you know you watched…at least some of it…what did you think? How scandalous was it that Chris Brown and Rihanna didn’t show up???? Just kidding. Who knows what really happened. UPDATED: This is really too bad – story here on Chris Brown’s arrest.

The theme of the night was apparently “Wear Something Totally Hot on the Red Carpet and Later, Perform in Something Butt-Ugly.” For real.

Here are those getting a thumbs-up (keep in mind that I didn’t get to see much of the red carpet…I have three boys who were not impressed with that show):
Taylor Swift
Carrie Underwood (was anyone else a little nervous during her performance? Cause I was. But man, she looks amazing.)
Jennifer Nettles from Sugarland
Kate Beckinsale
Katy Perry (NOT in her performance)
LL Cool J (um, I love him)
Ryan Seacrest (go ahead and think I’m a dork…I don’t care. I think he’s cute.)

Thumbs down:
Leann Rimes
Paula Abdul
Kanye (ridiculous hair and jacket. Puhleeze.)
Jennifer Hudson, who LOOKS great but two bad dress choices
And while MIA deserves a category all her own for tackiest thing I think I’ve ever seen, I’ll just stick her here. I didn’t know who she was before tonight, don’t care to see her again, but the polka dots are now burned in my memory. Here’s a link to her in the dress, if you can call it that.

Other thoughts:
::Whitney Houston = Crazy and can’t read a teleprompter
::I’m happy for a central Illinoisan to make it big like Allison Krauss has, but that song was not good, and it won two Grammys. I’m especially ticked that it beat the Maroon 5/Rihanna collaboration, and honestly, I’d have been OK with that award going to Chris Brown/Jordin Sparks over Allison Krauss/Robert Plant.
::Adele, honey, the next time you make an acceptance speech, swallow your gum on your way up to the stage.
::Happy to see John Mayer get a win!
::I get the appeal of boy bands in general, but I do NOT get the Jonas Brothers’ appeal. They are average singers and performers, IMHO.
::On that note, I enjoyed Stevie Wonder, and wondered (hee hee) if he was annoyed that he had to perform with The Jonas Brothers messing with his song.
::Is anyone else concerned that Nicolas Cage is responsible for preventing the world’s end? I think I’d choose someone more heroic, like, um, pretty much anyone else.
::I wish I could find a link to the T Mobile commercial that aired on the preshow…it’s a married couple and I thought it was hilarious. If anyone wants to spend time trying to find it, great, but I’m not going to since I didn’t see it on youtube. Post it in the comments if you find it and know which one I’m talking about!

17 responses to “Some Really, Really Important Stuff about the Grammy Awards

  1. I didn’t watch them at all, but is the commercial the one where his butt calls her?

  2. LOL its not an actual butt in the commercial 🙂 The guy has a phone that is not a flip phone and he calls his girlfriend or wife all the time when he sits on his phone.

  3. When I was watching Whitney Houston, I kept trying to shove the thoughts out of my mind of doubt about her being off drugs. Because I hope she is. Paula Abdul looked drunk to me. I saw her on the carpet with your boy pre-show and yikes.

  4. Oh man, I need to post the IM conversation I was having with Debbie during the show last night. I agree with everything that you said, except I enjoyed the Jonas Brothers & Stevie Wonder song . . . but I don’t think I had heard the Jonas Bros preform before that so my expectations weren’t all that high. AND, I think Miley Cyrus gets a thumbs down. And while I thought Adele should have had the gum out of her mouth long before her category ever came up, she was cute. I had never seen her before. Ok, I think I should start my own post before I take over your comments . . .

  5. Such a great post, Nicole. Any type of award show recap is always a good thing. There wasn’t a single point that I disagreed with you on, however, I tragically did miss the T mobile commercial. Hope someone out there is able to find it. Good advertising should be appreciated.

    When you have a chance, check out our site. You have been tagged:


  6. MIA was ridiculous. Whitney Houston looked drunk/high.

    Did you see Queen Latifah present an award? I surprisingly thought she looked good.

  7. I completely agree. The Jonas Brothers are WAY over-rated and who forgets the words to “Superstitious”??? Not sure if you caught it when Stevie imitated the Jonas kid’s attempt at “soul”. It was funny. Carrie Underwood was just awesome (despite that way too short skirt!) and Jennifer Nettles can do no wrong in my eyes. Whitney Houston needs a few less cocktails / pills before she goes on stage. At least she didn’t sweat through her dress like she usually does! Gross. Katy Perry just needs to go away. I turned the channel when she performed. Couldn’t even watch it.

  8. We thought Whitney was high. She wasn’t normal last night. Her eyes were the dead giveaway. Ryder danced away to his favorite band, Coldplay. #8 on their CD is his favorite, by the way. It has to be replayed in the car continuously.

  9. Did you hear? Chris brown was arrested for assault on Rihanna. It’s on

  10. Man, am I sad I missed everything last night! I LOVED the recap and am now going to waste most of my morning surfing the net to catch up. I simply have to be in the know….
    One thing I am aware of is the Jonas Brothers’ shocking lack of talent. I have 2 daughters who think they rock. Whatever. They’ve got nothing to compare them to (can I get some NKOTB in da house).

  11. I just got caught up on your blog….I have to laugh – our lives are parallel! ; )

    Have a great week!


  12. I think the whole Jonas’ brothers thing is the current version of Hansen ………who totally rock! I guess you show your age when you start preferring Stevie.

  13. I absolutely cannot stand The Jonas Brothers. They are a Disney band…why are they at the Grammys? An insult to Stevie!

  14. I got a glimpse of Kanye performing and watched my Tivoed Office instead.

  15. I totally agree with you on Ryan Seacrest. I think he’s a cutie!

  16. MIA looked like a deranged lady bug. The Jonas Bros. are totally overrated. I felt really embarrassed for Stevie Wonder. The whole night was a joke, although Carrie Underwood looked hawt! Whew! Other than that, I must be old.

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