A Little Bit of Sunshine

I titled this post this way for a couple of reasons: Saturday was a dreary-looking, but warm, day, and my dad came for a visit (yay!) so we took the boys to the park. And I pretended that it was Jack Henry’s first time at the park (last year doesn’t count because he was just a lump in the stroller), because I’ve not brought along my camera the first two times this spring.

It’s also titled “Sunshine” because today felt like a really dark day, and I thought we could use a little happiness! There was a church shooting this morning just 45 minutes from where we live. Right in the sanctuary, the senior pastor was murdered. I can’t stop thinking about the kids who were in church today, witnessing this, and how it will change their lives, and potentially affect their relationship with Christ. Everyone at FBC of Maryville needs prayers right now, but I keep going back to the kids that might have been present. Please pray for this church family.

Now, onto the happier stuff: Jack Henry at the park! Oh, the other boys were there, and I got a couple of pictures of them, too. But JH was such a cute subject I just kept following him around. Enjoy!

10 responses to “A Little Bit of Sunshine

  1. Cute pics! When the shootings happened at Wedgwood Baptist Church in Fort Worth, TX, several years ago I lost a student. I also knew many other adults and students who were in the sanctuary and witnessed this tragedy. It changed all of our lives forever. I, too, am praying for God’s comfort on the family and congregation of the pastor in Maryville as well as everyone who saw it happen.

  2. i haven’t had a chance to watch the news since saturday so this was news to me. that is absolutely horrible.

  3. This church is where my kids attend preschool. If you keep up with my blog, this last week Tues/Thurs posts have video of this EXACT stage Pastor Fred was murdered on, of Ryan dancing during school music time. Each class takes turns “leading” the music on the stage, and Ry’s week was this past one.
    What a senseless tragedy. I can’t stop replaying it in my mind, and thinking how on this earth, we have lost a guy who was really doing some amazing things for Christ.

  4. I’m not sure if you remember Jeff and Christe Jackson who attended Homefront a couple of years ago. The pastor shot was his brother-in-law. Jeff and Lee are still really close so Lee spoke with him yesterday. It’s just heart wrenching. Prayers are defiantely coveted by the family.

  5. I read about the church shooting and just couldn’t imagine the hideousness of it for his family–and for those in the congregation. And now reading the comments from some who had some kind of “proximity” to the church just makes it seem all the more real.

    So your happy pictures WERE truly a burst of sunshine! I had to laugh at the chubby hand shot! And JH’s insistence on sitting w-a-y down there from your dad! He was really having a high-ol’ time, right along w/ the big boys!!

  6. Nicole, I thought of you this morning. I was taking the boys to school when we heard the news and we all said a little prayer for everyone involved and I wondered if it was a church that you went to or had friends at…..I’m so sorry – it’s such a tragedy!

    On a happier note – the pictures from the park are adorable!

    Take care – Angela

  7. Such cute pictures of Jack Henry. I still keep wanting to say Baby Jack Henry, but he is starting to look like one of the boys!

    So fun that your Dad was able to be there for the day!

    Definitely prayers for the families involved in that shooting. Such a horrible thing to happen to all those people.

  8. I still am just at a loss for words. I heard all the sirens(which is not uncommon around here, because I live right by the firehouse) but I would have never have thought that this is what they were responding to. I can’t imagine what Pastor Winter’s daughters are going through right now, losing a parent is hard enough, let alone having them lost in such a senseless way. It still makes my stomach hurt just thinking about it.

  9. wow, i hadn’t heard that about that church shooting. that is so sad.

    jh is getting soooooo big!!! where did that baby go? i love the story-telling through pics of his stubborness!!!

  10. Shooting = news to me and agonizingly sad
    JH = just too cute!

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