Monday, in Bits and Pieces

1. This morning we registered for swim lessons and Bennett’s t-ball team. Hooray! Summer is right around the corner! And, we ran into friends at the park where we registered, which was really fun for the boys (and nice for me, too).

2. Jack Henry’s ear tubes = a resounding success. Today was his 5 month checkup, and he hasn’t had an infection since getting them.

3. Ahem. Today, I may have let my 18-month-old listen to my MP3 player while I had a chiropractor’s appointment. He *may* have listened to the High School Musical 3 soundtrack, which is burned in my brain…I swear I sing it in my sleep; it’s as if I cannot escape it. By the end of my appointment, he had mastered how to put the earbuds in his ears. It was pretty cute. Also – the first song on the CD is called “Now or Never” and they say “sixteen, sixteen” in the background in hushed voices as the song begins (they’re referring to 16 minutes in a basketball half). Jack Henry imitates this all. the. time. He has virtually no other words, but he can say “sixteen,” which is a riot to me.

4. Luke’s first baseball practice was tonight! Of course, he loved it. Baseball is his thing, he told me.

luke bball practice

5. Bennett got his first birthday present in the mail today (a bit early, courtesy of the Kelly fam). Here’s what it sounded like when he opened it:
(very excited, loud voice) “Awesome! Tawesome! Sawesome! Pawesome! I have been wanting this!”
Me: “Do you know what it is?”
B: “No!”

However, when we got it out of the box, he loved it, of course!

6. I got Jack Henry out of the bathtub tonight, wrapped him in a towel, and was startled at the reflection in the mirror of me holding my boy. I think I was expecting to see this:

jh waving

And instead, I was holding this (of course, he was in the towel at the time…this is just a couple of minutes later):

jh 18 mo

Note to the extended families: do you recognize those jammies? Luke got them for his second birthday, and they’ve been everyone’s favorite. JH gets to wear them a little earlier than his brothers did!

7. This kid, who makes me want to pull my hair out some days, also really makes me laugh when he says random things like, “I’m sure being a good boy today! Right now at least I am!”

b bathtub

8. I kinda like this guy. And the fact that he can grow a beard (albeit a bit more salt-and-pepper than it used to be!) like a lumberjack in a week. He’s clean-shaven now, and I like that too, but I do love facial hair.

matt beard

8 responses to “Monday, in Bits and Pieces

  1. Cute post – why do babies have to grow up to little people so fast? – kind of not fair!

  2. I kinda like ALL the guys in the pictures!! 🙂 Luke–SO the big brother; Bennett–a comic, as usual; JH–suddenly more little boy than baby; and oh yeah, scruffy-looking Matt too! And I love you for keeping them all whipped into shape!

  3. i let my 22 month old watch tv on my phone yesterday at sam’s b/c he wouldn’t stop crying to get down. i may feel a little guilty about that one.
    that is hilarious that jh can say sixteen now.

  4. LOL! I love that Jack Henry says sixteen! He and Emily’s niece need to hang out because that’s the number she can’t say when she’s counting. I love when Bennett smiles like that when he’s using all his neck muscles from smiling so big. And of course Luke, can’t wait to watch him play baseball this year!!

  5. Great post! The next goal is for JH to say “the boys are back.” It just seems appropriate in your household.

  6. I’m with you. I still expect Jack Henry to look like he does in the first bath pic….he’s getting so big! And saying 16? Hilarious!

    Luke looks SO excited for baseball and Bennett’s smile will make anyone smile! Cute pics!

  7. bennett cracks me up. he needs to come over soon to play.

  8. JH looks so much like Matt in the last 2 posts.

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