Tiny Dancer

On Saturday, we drove up to Springfield, IL to attend Matt’s cousin Becky’s wedding. It was a really nice day…oh, except the weather. That was really NOT nice. It poured for much of the day, and late last night it turned to snow. Lovely midwestern spring weather. (This from a girl who’s still slightly bitter that her own October wedding day was exactly as ugly [the previous year October 9th was the PERFECT fall day, of course]. Oh well. At the end of the day, we were still married, and from where I’m sitting, it’s working out OK for us.)

jh unhappy

like the weather, jack henry was also not very nice for much of the trip up.

At least I hear that the ceremony was nice. I spent that 30 minutes holed-up in a “prayer room” (with windows to the sanctuary) with Jack Henry, who within 2 minutes of finding our seats in church made it very clear that he was not going to be able to handle being told what to do. He was especially interested in sitting all the way down the row from us, as well as removing all of the pencils and papers from the chair backs. So, the two of us had some time together in the back of church. I will be fine with leaving this part of babyhood in the dust.

The boys were especially pleased to discover that Becca and Bryan had a candy bar set up at the reception. Yes, friends, you got to fill a little bag with whatever candy your heart desires.

candy table

a giant bowl of reeses pieces? heaven.

lovin' it!

lovin' it!

him too!

him too!

Here’s the happy couple with their cake, and the groom’s cake, which was an iphone! Luke was so intrigued by it that he drew a picture of an iphone today at church. Nice.

loved their wedding cake!

loved their wedding cake!

I’m totally bummed that, like many family events, I didn’t take pictures of the boys/us with the extended family. So – Heidi, Andrea and Jo, if you have good ones, will you email them please?!

we did get a nice of the two of us, though!

we did get a nice one of the two of us, though!

seriously.  those lashes.  it's just not fair.

seriously. those lashes. it's just not fair.

And now, to explain the title. My boys have made a bit of a name for themselves as dancers at weddings when they’re toddlers. Jack Henry apparently got the memo, because as soon as the music started up and he was free to roam the dance floor, he got down! Luke, at 6, is still itching to get on the dance floor when it’s time, so you’ll see him, too.  Listen to the DJ in the video talking about him! 😉

(second link here)

10 responses to “Tiny Dancer

  1. It’s unbelievable that it’s now JH out there groovin’ and Luke’s a 6-yr-old out there leaping around! (Alas, I think perhaps Luke has inherited his Papa Ron’s dance ability.) Jack was absolutely a hoot!

    Notice Kay over at the cake table, left high & dry, as I left my duties to take some pictures of this!

  2. Awesome video! I think he IS a future Heart breaker!

  3. Candy Bar?! What an awesome idea! Very kid friendly wedding. (Is that a giant bowl of gummy bears I see?)
    And yes, that JH is a future heart breaker. Do they know how good he looks in those cool jeans?

  4. What a great picture of you and Matt. You look gorgeous, as usual. Have you EVER taken a bad photo, because I have yet to see one!

    The weather here was equally awful over the weekend. For our added pleasure, there was much snow mixed with the rain.

    And that candy bar? Um….yum… 🙂

    Happy Monday!

  5. that video is hilarious. definitely a heartbreaker.

  6. Well he’s not shy! So cute! I love how he’s really trying to get the feet movements for “The Twist”.

  7. I love this whole post. Jack’s dancing to Bennett’s “lovin’ it” face! I feel like goin’ to a wedding!

  8. You look great! Oh yeah, you too Matt. I like the tie.

  9. You go Jack Henry! And, great pics of you, Matt, and the other boys. Love the candy bar….I’ve been to a wedding with one. LOVED it….oh, and so did my kids 🙂

    Nana Jo – I would have left cake duties to take pics of those cutie pies too!

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