The One Where I Wish I Had Superpowers.

Today was one of THOSE days.  Nothing particularly bad happened, it was just really hectic. And it’s days like these that I know I will someday look back on and smile, so here it is in all its glory.

6:30 – wake up to Jack Henry babbling to himself in bed, and shortly after that, shrieking; I shower and get ready for the day.
7:15 – breakfast for everyone, and get all of them ready for the day
7:53 – Bennett yells at me for putting underwear in his drawer that is not! his! Obviously, it’s Luke’s, and it’s hard for me to tell the difference, but the way he says it makes it sound like he has NO idea whose it could be.
8:29 – the view from my front porch looks like this:

seriously.  we are hoosiers.

seriously. worst yard in the neighborhood.

8:30 – crew arrives to give us a new front yard
8:31 – the boys glue themselves to the front window to watch the workers.
8:57 – get concerned that my children might witness an amputation in the front yard, as one of the workers is climbing an extension ladder with his chainsaw-on-a-pole RUNNING (they trimmed some low branches).
9:25 – drop my kids off at Olivia’s for the morning while I go to the doctor. Muchas gracias, Olivia.
10:00 – appointment with my internist to discuss my headaches (tension, she believes, and potentially allergy-related, too), a cyst in my back (not a big deal), and managing my thyroid disease, since my endocrinologist is a bunch of words I won’t use outloud in a public place (she’s agreed to try my plan and see if it works)
11:15 – perhaps the easiest blood draw I’ve ever had, and that’s saying something since I have a lot of them.
11:35 – rush my kids home from Olivia’s, happy to discover the crew still has all of their appendages, feed my kids a hodge-podge lunch
12:15 – realize that the guys working on the lawn didn’t quite go back on the sides of the house as far as I’d like…between a bit of Spanglish and sign language, I ask my question, get an answer, and end up calling their boss
12:25 – drop off kindergartener
12:28 – message from landscaper boss guy says he’s talked to the crew – they know now what they’re supposed to do, and I’m in agreement with the plan
12:35 – quick phone call to my dad!
12:40 – drop off preschooler, and not a moment too soon…his busy Saturday has clearly caught up with him, and his mama needs a few moments to regroup.
1:15 – put Jack Henry down for a nap, and pick up around the house
1:35 – worker knocks on my door, asks how far back I want them to put in new lawn on one side of the house – I say “to the fence” and point at the fence.
1:45 – quite possibly the high point of the day: Crazy Bowls and Wraps for lunch.
2:40 – my front yard looks like this:

now i have to mother this, too, to make it grow.  don't i have enough to do?

now i have to mother this, too, to make it grow. don't i have enough to do?

anybody wanna buy a house?

already a vast improvement. hey, anybody wanna buy a house?

2:41 – I realize that the work was still not done all the way correctly, but decide that I don’t care. It’s good enough.
3:00 – wake the babe and go pick up Bennett
3:25 – Bennett goes to timeout for something I don’t remember.
3:45 – Luke’s home! Begging me for a yo-yo since they just had the NED presentation at school today (talk about a full-circle moment…I saw the NED presentation years ago at an elementary school I worked with…weird that MY kid is now old enough to attend the show).  I tell him that he can spend his own money on it.  He’s considering it. Postscript: check out this story that made me proud.
4:30 – Bennett into timeout AGAIN, this time until dinner. I’m not joking. He was throwing toys and trying to climb on a stepstool that Luke was actually already standing on.
4:35 – start the laundry, which should have been done hours ago
4:37 – come upstairs to realize that Jack Henry has climbed up on a chair and has dumped Bennett’s milk on himself and the floor
4:45 – floor/table clean, Jack Henry is stripped to his diaper, which is the state he remains in until bedtime.
4:47 – start dinner…a good one I’ll post soon at Three More Bites.
5:00 – inadvertantly spray a little bit of Pledge on the hardwood floor…now it’s really slippery. According to the kind people at SC Johnson, I can use some mineral spirits (oh yeah, like I have those) to try to release the solvent from the floor…but only if the floor hasn’t been waxed, which I’m not sure about. Any ideas, anyone? Besides sandpaper.
5:35 – Bennett is freed from captivity.
5:45 – Matt’s home, and dinner is served. Jack Henry refuses to eat anything except corn.
6:15 – Matt and Luke leave for baseball practice.
6:45 – dinner cleanup is finally done; time for one quick Wii game with Bennett
7:00 – both little boys in bed. I eat some cookie dough I find in the fridge, the kind loaded with preservatives. Thank God for preservatives, because I’m not sure how long they’ve been in there, but they aren’t expired yet.
7:15 – overbake the cookies. Darn it!  Oh well. The boys will eat them, and now I won’t be at all tempted. They’re in the freezer, to be doled out one at a time for dessert.
7:45 – boys are home from practice – rush Luke through a shower and bedtime, so I can have the computer!

Ahhh…a day in review. Looks like I accomplished more than I really did. Now, off to bed.

14 responses to “The One Where I Wish I Had Superpowers.

  1. OMGoodness, my BIL works for the yo yo company. It’s based in Washington. he is in fact the guy who calls the schools and sells/books the assemblies. How crazy is that. What did you think of the show? I have never seen it, just heard things from his end.

    • I didn’t see the show this time, but from what I remember of it, it was really good…very entertaining, the kids take away what they’re supposed to (Luke recited for me what NED stood for when he got home), and they REALLY want a yo-yo!

  2. At least you can relate this with humor!! My gosh, everything from having blood drawn to chainsaws to dumped milk! I especially loved Bennett’s “captivity,” JH’s dinner of corn, and your attack on the cookie dough!

    I didn’t know you guys were doing your lawn . . . can’t wait to see the results!

  3. Hmmm… never heard of NED, but oddly my kids have been obsessed with yo-yo’s lately as well. It’s all we’ve heard about from Sawyer for the past week or so. All they had was a cheapo tiny one from a birthday party treat bag months ago…
    They actually just got to each pick a real one this weekend (well, still not REAL, but a cool looking one that actually works) while we were at Michael’s (Lightening McQueen for $1 if you’re in the market!).

  4. Wow – I am worn out just reading this!!!
    You deserve some more cookie dough in my opinion!!!

  5. wow is the right word to use. you had a crazy/hectic day. those are the days that eric usually comes home and says, “so, did you do anything today” and i contemplate picking up the nearest item and chucking it at him.
    that’s exciting about your yard. we have to do ours too (and our fence and our deck and our lattice….). we’re going to focus on outdoors this year. fun, fun, fun.

  6. I agree – you wore me out and all I did was read what you did, but my guess is that if we all documented our every day routine we would surprise ourselves – for the most part. I love the part where you attempted to converse “between a bit of Spanglish and sign language” – you phrased that so well and gave me a good laugh.

  7. I can’t believe you can remember all those details/times of the day. I’m impressed. ( Jackson can’t believe how long Bennett’s time out was! )
    We are making Cookie’s Sugar Cookies today for Easter! Layla is so excited. If they turn out, we will share some with you. Since you burnt your cookies.

  8. Your lawn will look great!

    I keep telling my girls that it is getting more and more useful to have a functional knowledge of the Spanish language around here. 😉

  9. and then you wake up and it starts alll over again!

  10. I’m cracking up. I always feel like I’m busy all day just to maintain the status quo. Now, try and get ahead and I’d have to forfeit a night of sleep, I think.

  11. you’re so efficient! From 6:45 to 7:15 you played a game, got 2 kids to bed and made cookies. I think I maybe managed 1 task in that same amount of time last night!! 🙂

  12. Wow. What a day. I just gave an andrew a warning of one more time and he’s in his room for the rest of the night. we hit the children’s museum again today and it was packed….part of this area is on spring break. Can’t wait to see the yard…and I love your spanglish conversation!

  13. holy cow… I’m tired just reading that… although it looks a lot like my days do, so that makes sense that I’m often tired…

    didn’t know you had thyroid problems…my mom does too. Takes about a million pills a day… hope you don’t have that to deal with. Not fun.

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