Great Mysteries of Motherhood, Part 4

How is it that the child who could not possibly stomach one more bite of spaghetti suddenly has room for an entire cupcake?

7 responses to “Great Mysteries of Motherhood, Part 4

  1. Let me know if you figure this one out…. seems to happen around our house A LOT!

  2. spaghetti? cupcake?
    cupcake. (sorry, i’m w/ them too).

  3. When my girls were little they used to say that you have different stomachs for different foods. 😉

    His dessert stomach musta been empty!

  4. Hahahahah!! Dessert stomach….my new favorite! I will never teach this to my girls.

  5. Funny what Jan said. We used to say we have different chambers (like your heart – it’s totally about anatomy, here) and the main entree one is full, but the dessert one is dangerously empty.

  6. That mystery is not restricted to children . . . I often find room for the “cupcakes” in life.

  7. Fully agree with the above statement.

    Do I say, not as I do. 🙂

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