Running Journal, Part 1

As you all know, I’ve started running. I thought it would likely be entertaining if I kept a journal about my experience. The training includes 27 runs over 9 weeks’ time.

Week 1 – Run 1, April 23
I just confessed this crazy idea to Matt yesterday, and he said “go for it,” so tonight, I did my first run/walk. You walk briskly for 5 minutes, then do 8 intervals of running 60 seconds and then walking 90 seconds, and then a 5 minute cool-down walk.

#1 I didn’t die. Awesome.
#2 I did really well on the first 5 running intervals. By 6, 7, and 8, I was struggling.
#3 I’m fearing that I’m going to have to repeat week 1. Maybe more than once. I am really out of shape.
#4 I felt GREAT when I got home, and not really annoyed at the dance music on the podcast. It took me back to college days, dancing the night away at Cochrane’s (anyone? Bueller?). I was slightly annoyed at podcast guy for telling me after interval 6 that I should not be out of breath. Really? Cause I am. And, this is called COUCH to 5k. I’ve been on the couch.
# 5 I’m feeling like I need cuter clothes for running. But hello, I despise athletic shorts, because they’re all freakishly short. And my legs are not only out of shape, they are blindingly white. I ran in some capri yoga pants tonight, and these are fine for cool weather, but not when it’s hotter out.

Week 1 – Run 2, April 25
#1 Though I was hurting a little, I managed to run/walk as far as I did the first time. I was proud of that.
#2 New route for next run. I realized that part of the reason intervals #5-8 are so hard is that I’m running back uphill (it’s only a slight incline, but hello – that matters when you’re new to this…if I have to do an incline at all, it needs to be in the front half of the run). I’ll try to find a flatter route, which will be difficult in our neighborhood.
#3 My hips hurt.
#4 I hate that I’ve let myself get SO out of shape. Ick.
#5 I think I’m going to need some new running shoes. I realized this morning on my run that these shoes? They’re 2 years old. No wonder my feet are hurting. They are running shoes (I prefer to walk in running shoes, too), but there’s no support left in these.
#6 I remembered to wear my pedometer this time, and I loved that I got in 4000 steps in just 30 minutes.

Week 1 – Run 3, April 28
#1 Cool weather is great for running.
#2 New route this time made a ton of difference – intervals #1 and 3 were distinctly uphill, #2, 4, and 8 were distinctly downhill, and the others were either a combination or relatively flat (keep in mind that we aren’t talking HILLS here, but inclines. I am weak.). I was able to run all 8 intervals with no problem, and even added a 9th interval myself.
#3 I think it’s horribly cruel that at the end of the running intervals, as the podcast switches into the “cool down” walk, for about 10 seconds the music sounds like the ice cream man. Every time, I start looking around for the truck (for the record, I’ve never actually bought anything from the ice cream man…he creeps me out. But still, that music is unmistakable.).

Week 2 – Run 1, April 30
Week 2 is a 5 minute brisk warm-up walk, and then 6 intervals of running for 90 seconds/walking for 2 minutes, and then a 5 minute brisk cool-down walk.
#1 I’ve now stuck with this program for a whole week – go me!
#2 New route is much, much better. But interval #1 is really a hill, I’ve decided. Best to get that out of the way first, I guess.
#3 I did have to tell myself twice tonight during running intervals that this isn’t going to kill me (in fact, I heard Trainer Bob from the Biggest Loser in my head saying, “I am saving your life right now.” I’m only a little bit dramatic.).
#4 I was able to do all of the intervals, and I did a longer cool-down walk, as I switched to more enjoyable music and didn’t mind using up the last few minutes of daylight.
#5 I am happy to report that week 2 means a new podcast, which means no more ice cream truck sounds.
#6 Dear neighbors and anyone within about a mile radius of my house, Could you please not grill out while I’m running? It would help me tremendously.

Week 2 – Run 2, May 2
#1 I am proud of myself for resolving to run today (this is 5 times in 9 days!!!) when I really wanted to spend my Saturday afternoon doing pretty much anything but run. Those other things included napping, lounging around and watching the Cardinals with my boys, and napping.
#2 Accomplished this run with no cheating on the intervals…I honestly didn’t think I had it in me.
#3 I have grave concerns about actually running this whole 5k…I mean, it’s in 11 weeks, and I can’t run for longer than 90 seconds at a time right now.

Question for runners: what kind of earbuds to do you have for your MP3/ipod? These are mine and they KILL my ears. They fall out all the time, too.

crappy earbuds

16 responses to “Running Journal, Part 1

  1. Congrats on the great start to this thing you call running…. believe me it will remain a foreign thing to me! 😉
    Loving the Journal – hope you keep it up for a while!

    Good Luck on Week 3!

  2. don’t worry, i almost thought it was harder with the walk-run segments as opposed to the straight running. i know that sounds weird but it is what it is. it will get easier.
    good job!

  3. Good job! I’m impressed. I bet you’ll be ready in 11 weeks!

  4. I can’t remember the cool down on the first one. . . I will have to listen again. I love the “Do you want me to stay or do you want me to leave?” song. . . but it is undownloadable. . . boo. 😦

    I have regular ipod earbuds (maybe not this exact kind, but very similar). . .

  5. very impressive!!!! i bought new running shoes today, and it psychologically makes a tremendous difference. plus i actually felt like i was running on clouds, compared to my 2.5 year-old shoes that i’d been sporting. you deserve them!
    i used to have the earphones you have, and i loved them! they must have broke, b/c now i have the standard apple ones like hannah and i like them a lot, too! i smelled bbq chicken yesterday on my run and found new muscles in my neck trying to scout out where the smell was coming from…

  6. These are the earphones that I have.

    Also, I run in capri pants – even in the summer. They are just light weight and Dri-fit. I have several Dri-fit tank tops that I wear in the summer, too. Not sure how I feel about the triathlon – running in a swimsuit!! I may get padded running shorts – but me running in all spandex is GROSS!

  7. Somewhere along the line you earn superhero status in my book if you run at all in these parts. Where I come from the world is flat and that makes for some great running. Hills, inclines, mountains*…not so great. That said, run along Superwoman!

    *Treadmills can be included in the “not so great” list.. …they are terribly boring and require a greater degree of coordination than one might first estimate. I would stay away from them if I were you:)

  8. I’m getting back to my P90 workout this week. Now that April has come and gone, it’s time to go back to my workout. I loved it when I did it for 2 months. Good Job and keep up the motivation to run. Running isn’t easy. I always wanted to swim as my workout but then I realized I didn’t want to do my hair everyday.

  9. Wow! Reading this is so inspirational (as I’m eating another handful of p.b.-filled pretzel nuggets). But really, I’m very proud of you, knowing how disinclined to this you are! I think you’ll be surprised how, after a few weeks, you’ll be able to advance to each level.

    The issue of inclines is HUGE for me (and, of course, this is just for walking). On a treadmill, which I consider the single most boring activity on earth, the incline increments make me hate it all the more. And in the whole flat town of E’ham, I notice & feel even the slightest upwardly inclined street!

  10. Congrats for getting started. That’s the hardest part!

    I agree with Suzanne. The start-stop-start-stop is actually harder than running for longer periods.

    Once you do one of the longer runs you’ll have SO MUCH CONFIDENCE to keep going.

    I did this program and felt exactly the same in the beginning. And I’m running my second 5K this weekend!

  11. Nicole
    I am loving your journal! Funny how you start something new and first thing you think of is that you need a new wardrobe. I would totally go buy a new running outfit. You’ve made it through two weeks- you deserve it!
    And the whole ice-cream truck music thing just cracks me up! I’m cheering you on- you can do it!

  12. nicole,
    keep up the good work. i have apple earbuds like these:

    i have CRAZY sensitive ears when it comes to things like this and these are the only ones that seemed to work for me. keep on keepin on!

  13. I’m doing a similar program. It’s hard, but I feel so good about myself when I’m done. I don’t use earbuds – just can’t do it when I run. They hurt and bother me.

    Let’s keep it up!

  14. Jill (thebaglady)

    I’m so happy for you! I started emailing my family 9 weeks ago when I decided to get myself back into shape. It makes me more accountable. I, too, despise running, but find myself running for about 15 minutes straight now. I like to push myself through “just one more song”. I use earbuds – bother me the 1st few minutes, but then I’m all good. (And I’m impressed you run outside. I stay on my mom’s treadmill. inside. away from public.) You go girl!

  15. Okay, I like to think that I’m a bit of a runner…..and I have to say, I have Dri-Fit capri pants and they are perfect in warmer weather – and you avoid the whole “shorts creeping up in the front and on only one leg” kind of thing. I bought about 3 or 4 pair in black and they are perfect!

    Earbuds…..the struggle of my life – I’ve yet to find ones that fit well enough to recommend – there are days when I wish it wasn’t so “uncool” to wear headphones – those are definitely a “one size fits all” kind of thing! ha!

    Some good running songs –
    “Please Don’t Stop The Music” Rihanna
    “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enought” Michael Jackson
    “Viva La Vida” Coldplay
    “Whine Up” Kat Deluna
    “SexyBack” Justin Timberlake
    “Shake It” Metro Station
    “Disturbia” Rihanna

    I hated running when I HAD to do it – as a mom I have found that it is nice to just zone out, listen to some good music, and get a good sweat going to relieve the stress of the day! Go girl!

  16. Will you share your running program? And you had a matching podcast music list to go with it???

    I’m very interested in this…I’ve been trying, key word, trying to run with the boys in the double jogger and it’s less than ideal. Only b/c everytime we pass by a playground (there’s a lot of them around the base), they are screaming to get out!

    Can you facebook me and give me the info?
    Thanks!! happy running 🙂

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