I Think My Head Might Explode

So, I took the kids to Trader Joe’s this morning, something we do maybe once a month or less, simply because I would spend too much money if we went there any more often than that. Don’t get me wrong; some stuff is as cheap or cheaper there AND better quality, but lots of things are not.

The kids grabbed their little carts, and right after we walked in – I’m talking in the produce area – there was a 4 year-old-boy with a hideous cough shopping with his mom. And then the kid BARFS ALL OVER THE FLOOR. Not kidding. My kids’ eyes were bugging out of their heads by now, and I was repeatedly asking them to just look ahead and not stare at the train wreck. After I got my bearings straight, and got all I needed in that area while avoid the kid who just puked again, I corralled the kids at the end of the aisle and said, “Look. That kid just threw up all over the place, which is too bad but it happens. And we don’t want his germs, so let’s make this trip as quick as possible without running into my heels with your carts, OK?” They nodded in agreement. This was going on while store employees were cleaning up the mess and the mom had taken her kid to the restroom, changed his shirt, AND DECIDED TO CONTINUE SHOPPING. Because her little boy told her it was a “bad idea” to go home.

You can pick your jaw up off the floor now.

I probably don’t need to tell you that it took everything in my power not to say something to her (for the record, this is the second time in 10 days or so that I’ve had to bite my tongue so hard in a situation like this that I can’t believe it didn’t bleed). We kept criss-crossing them in the aisles, and Bennett especially was avoiding the kid like the plague (thankfully, without saying anything or giving dirty looks).

Obviously, there are two three issues here troubling me:
1. Kid pukes and you keep shopping.
2. Kid tells you he doesn’t want to leave, and you listen to him. That’s stellar parenting. Way to go.
3. You had an extra shirt in your bag for your 4-year-old? Did you already know he was sick?

I Germ-X’ed everyone when we got back into the van, and prayed that we didn’t just catch something.

Then we stopped for gas on the way home, and I had to explain to the boys why it was such a poor decision for the woman at the pump in front of us to SMOKE A CIGARETTE while at the gas station. Are you kidding me???

13 responses to “I Think My Head Might Explode

  1. Some people are just stupid. (I had something much ruder & cruder to say – but cleaned it up for the sake of you and your other readers!) 😉

  2. OMG that is quite the day. I probably would have hightailed it out of there (Trader joes) and the cigarette thing – WTH?!!

  3. Common sense. It just isn’t nearly as common as it ought to be. 😦

    Your boys sure learn a lot on these adventures.

  4. How HORRIBLE!! I can just picture Bennett –scared to death he might catch what the kid had so soon after being sick himself! Just goes to show–anyone w/ 1/2 a set of genes can bear children.

  5. 4 weeks into this whole parenting thing I am already 100x more observant of people being sick around myself or Will. I probably wouldn’t have exuded as much self-control in not saying something though.

  6. That’s so bad it’s funny, for me anyway. Who smokes at a gas station?! My Lord, I may have had to say something about that. It’s one thing to pass along a few germs in ignorance, but putting lives in mortal danger? Honestly…

  7. Mom is in for a long, hard ride if she’s letting her son make the decisions.

    Me and my gag reflex would have had a hard time shopping after seeing that!

    Smoking cigarettes at a gas station pump? Insane.

  8. ewwww, that’s just gross, especially with all the stuff going around.

  9. Oh! Laughing out loud in disbelief and disgust! I think Bennett SHOULD have given them his BEST dirty look. That is HIDEOUS! Jan – common sense isn’t common. That’s going to be my mantra!

  10. Oh. Gross. Disgusting. I probably would have also puked after seeing that. I gag when my kids are puking let along someone else’s…..I agree with Karen, Bennett should have given them a look!

  11. Well puke happens 😉 — BUT for her to continue shopping! Yikes. I thought I had it bad watching a young kid (teen) cough without covering his mouth in the general direction of EVERYONE, and then turning and spitting on the ground (it was a crowded area in Germany)! Hello!? and I’ve no access currently to anything anti-bacterial as they don’t believe it works…is safe…whateveh!

  12. I find that most people, and I don’t care how “smart” they are or what job they do, are severely lacking in common sense. Did that woman REALLY need that stuffed flounder at Trader Joe’s THAT DAY? Did she not look at her child that morning and see that he was obviously on the verge of puking?? Any mother worth her salt knows when her child is sick – usually before the child does. I didn’t read the comments above, but I’m guessing they all touch on the common sense (or lack thereof) factor. People never cease to amaze – or disgust – me. Big props to you for not letting your head explode. Sometimes it’s what you DON’T say that makes a difference.

  13. OH MY GOODNESS! We have all been in that situation where your child gets sick or has an explosive diaper……..but to change him, continue shopping per his request, etc. – especially with the media coverage of a little epidemic/pandemic – whatever it is today?! Holy cow! Our children learn more from our outings than they do in the cartoons they watch – I was in line the other day and a woman was talking about lesbians and my 5 year old was like “Mommy, what is that?”…..UGH!!! I’m glad you made it home safely and didn’t explode at the gas station! ; ) Have a SAFE day!!

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