WFMW: Pricing Garage Sale Items

New WFMWWhen I had a garage sale last spring, I was completely overwhelmed by the prospect of pricing everything (isn’t everyone?). I don’t like to go to sales where things aren’t marked, so not marking them wasn’t an option. My mom was getting ready to come spend a couple of days with us at that time, and her energy level was pretty low, but she wanted to be able to help me with the stuff while she was here. She suggested that I just sort things into piles: $0.50, $1.00, $2.00, etc. Then, she’d just make multiple stickers with that price on it and stick it to whatever was in that pile.

It saved us so much time! Not just because I had help, but because I went through things and valued them before pricing, which made the pricing stage go really quickly.  I’m collecting things for a sale next spring, and I’m already planning to use this method again.

Oh, and I despise those round, colorful stickers with prices already printed on them. As someone who buys at garage sales, I’ll tell you that they nearly always leave residue on what you’re trying to remove them from, and sometimes, it ruins the item (even on clothing). Very frustrating. We’ve always used masking tape.  It takes a little longer, but your buyer will appreciate it.

For more tips, go to We Are THAT Family – the theme this week is “frugality”!

10 responses to “WFMW: Pricing Garage Sale Items

  1. I saw your request on MckMama’s blog, and just wanted to let you know that this will be my 3rd Mother’s day without my mom. I wish I could say it gets easier, but so far it hasn’t. I will be praying for your family this week. (and I just happen to be getting ready for a garage sale, so I loved this post!)

  2. Great Idea – i too hate the round stickers – i use masking tape as well.
    Love the piles idea – now how do you keep your kids from messing the piles up once they are made and before you get them priced?!?! 😉

    Praying for you Nicole – thinking about your family a lot this week.

  3. great tips! we are planning a garage sale soon…like the idea of sorting into piles according to price ahead of time!

    i found you on mckmama’s blog….i will be praying for you as you approach mother’s day!!

  4. You know what we use that doesn’t leave a mark- Walgreens has these small rectangular white stickers. You can get a TON of them for $1 or so (like 500 maybe?) I just write the price on those and they don’t leave a spot at all, plus they’re not colored so there’s no chance of the color running.

  5. I LOVE going to garage sales, we used to have one every year growing up. Would you believe my favorite part was the pricing- I think it was because my mom would let me do it with her and even allow me to decide what some of the prices where going to be! (we used masking tape too!)

    I read your request on Mcmama’s too.
    I lost my mom when I was 10 years old. It’s been 17 years, but I still miss her terribly, especially since having kids of my own.

    Praying for you and your family.

  6. ha, I just bought those neon stickers! I’m having a garage sale this weekend, thanks for the tips. I plan to make piles but using blankets to indicate groups. Not sure how this will work. we’ll see.

  7. Awesome! I am putting my boxes together for a garage sale that I am planning on having also! And this is def. gonna help!

  8. I was so glad you told me to use masking tape b/f our garage sale last year. I like it cause you can tear it off any size if you want to write a little extra info. Simple to use–stays on stuff well–easy to remove.

  9. I found you @ MckMamas blog. I will be praying. I have been blessed by this womans blog if you have not already seen it. She does His will Wednesdays and has her community of bloggers pray for all of the requests. You should consider posting your request on HWW’s.
    This Momma also needs prayers herself!

  10. Yup, masking tape (or blue painters edging tape) works the best!

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