In Luke’s Words

I wasn’t planning to post again until Sunday night or Monday, but this is the perfect time to share this…

I had a lovely Mother’s Day tea at Luke’s kindergarten class on Friday afternoon, and I came home with a painting of myself (which I will share in the future – I have to wait until he brings another project home from school because trust me, it’s funny) and a paragraph about me, dictated by Luke to his teacher. Here it is.

The important thing about my mom is that she helps me read words. She helps me write words. She cooks good dinner with her special grill that has really good hot dogs. She lets me buy toys because I have my own bank that has four sections. But the important thing about my mom is that she helps me read words.

I believe but am not certain that the repetition at the end is because they are learning some paragraph structure, and thus, he was restating his first point. Otherwise he’s just really fixated on my ability to read and teach reading.

Happy Mother’s Day!

2 responses to “In Luke’s Words

  1. So cute! I’d be proud of this if I were you–he has 3 good, solid points–none of which, thank heavens, are embarrassing!

    Glad I stopped in to check your blog even though I wasn’t expecting to see anything new til tomorrow!

  2. Paragraph structure! What a genius! Like Jo, I was pumped to see a post from you. Hope the move went well.

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