Clinique, We Have a Problem.

A few weeks ago I went to the Clinique counter at Macy’s because *woot woot* it was bonus time…time for free lotion, lipstick, etc. I generally only use a couple of things from Clinique just because my skin is sensitive and I know that I’m not going to have any trouble with breakouts with their foundation or concealer (and the coverage is what I like – I’ve tried countless others that just, to me, don’t compare). Otherwise, it’s just too expensive to justify the cost when I can find makeup I’m happy with that costs a fraction of what theirs does.

So, I go to get my foundation – which costs $20.50. Which is apparently $2.00 shy of the amount needed to get the bonus. Are you kidding me? I’ve been buying at Clinique for a LONG time (like since I was 17) and this is the first time I remember foundation not being enough to get you the bonus. Maybe I’m just not remembering right and it’s been this way for a while – maybe the last couple of times I’ve bought stuff at bonus time I needed two things and didn’t even realize that the foundation wasn’t enough. I’m blaming this on our new economic situation.

I asked the exceedingly peppy cheerleader girl if they sold their eyeshadow brushes (my mistake – should have said applicator, because what I really meant was the little spongy-ended things). She says, “Oh!!!!! Sure!!!!!! Let me get you one!!!!!” She comes back, starts to ring up my purchase, and HELLO! the total is somewhere north of $40. I’m like, “Um, hold on a minute…what kind of brush is that?” I politely asked her to take it off my purchase, now dropping me below bonus status (awwww), all while corraling Jack Henry who is pulling soap that looks like chunks of chocolate and candy off the neighboring display. You should have seen her demeanor change when she had to go to all the effort of removing one item from my purchase.

I’ve had two other memorable experiences at the Clinique counter: one when I was gigantically pregnant with Jack Henry, and I had the other boys shopping with me, making one last trip out to pick up a few things I needed. The woman behind the counter asked what I was having, and when I said “another boy!” cheerfully, she started on this whole “oh, don’t you sometimes wish at least one of them was a girl blah blah BLAH.” Seriously – there’s nothing ruder than basically telling your small male children that life would be better if one of them had been a girl. If I hadn’t needed foundation, I would have walked away. But I really needed it.

Last story, and this cracks me up when I think of it: I went to get concealer once, and the woman asked me where I’d be using it. I said something like “Primarily under my eyes, but also for other little breakout areas.” I showed her the one that I usually use, and she said, “Well, that’s fine for your eyes, but I don’t know if you should use it on other areas of your face.” Like it might eat my skin or something if I put it on my chin. I realize she was trying to sell me TWO concealers, but that’s just ridiculous.

Clinique: I am at your mercy. Be nice.

8 responses to “Clinique, We Have a Problem.

  1. Ha! I LOVE Clinique, too. Bonus time is awesome. But now I sell Avon, so I must represent!

  2. so did you get the bonus? I was waiting for the end of the story:)

  3. CRACK UP! I remember the pregnant story. I wish her LOTS OF GIRLS only to have her begging for a boy!

  4. Funny! Makes me all the more happy with my MaryKay products. 🙂

  5. Have you ever tried Mary Kay? My mom swears by it. And she has extremely sensitive skin. She is always trying to get me to use that because my face is always really dry and now that I am in my 30’s, acne is happening. I may start using Mary Kay because I’m tired of having teenage skin issues.
    I can’t stand when people say things about the gender of your children. We always hear “Oh one of each, so you are done right?” We are done but why do people feel the need to make a comment?

  6. if you’re not going to get the bonus, isn’t it so much cheaper to ebay those items?! i get my lancome off ebay unless it happens to be bonus time–then i apparently become a sucker for the bright pink/salmon lipsticks that the bonuses alway include…

  7. you’re too funny. you started my day off well. thanks

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