Everything That’s Wrong With Kidz Bop

I don’t know if there is worse music on the market than Kidz Bop (pet peeve #1: purposely misspelled words). Many thanks to McDonald’s for partnering with them and giving away 4-song CDs in their Happy Meals.

If you’re stuck in Kidz Bop hell like I am, this might have you nodding in agreement.

Here’s the premise if you’re blissfully unfamiliar with Kidz Bop: they take songs that you’re already sick of hearing due to radio overplay, and have a bad singer sing it with kids. It’s horrible.

Problem #1: See premise above.

Problem #2: There are very few kids’ voices that are worthy of being recorded (except your own children’s voices, of course).

Problem #3: I realize that they are choosing wildly popular songs, but some of them? Inappropriate for kids. Lyrics are sometimes changed, but still.

Problem #4: Re: inappropriate song choices: sometimes, it’s not the lyrics that are the problem so much as it is the kids in the background yelling an upbeat “woo!” 800 times in a song like “Bad Day.” Take a listen if you aren’t familiar with it. It’ll make your ears bleed. Woo!

12 responses to “Everything That’s Wrong With Kidz Bop

  1. Thank you! You are the first person I have heard talk negatively about Kidz Bop. The last time we went to McDonald’s, I actually told the manager that he could keep the CD…I didn’t want my daughter to have it. I don’t have anything against current music as long as it is clean and tasteful. However, Kidz Bop is just flat-out annoying. And after suffering through CD#1, I threw it away.

  2. AGREED! I’ve only purchased a happy meal once and I specifically asked for a toddler toy. Instead, I got stuck with one of those CDs. I made the mistake of putting it into the CD player (out of curiosity) and immediately had to stifle my gag reflex.

  3. ok, i had to stop the song after 15 seconds! adali is a huge fan of chicken nugget happy meals at the golden arches…and i happily oblige because, well, there’s lots of calories in it. the way she gets excited when she sees this versus ANYTHING else she eats makes me believe that they really do put crack in their food. ok, i’m digressing. anyway, a few weeks ago when the cd came in the happy meal i looked at the songs and thought “oh adali would love this in the car.” and then i got smart and thought “but i wouldn’t” and i threw it in the trash without ever listening to it. so glad i did now!

  4. Okay, that song is awful. Admittedly, Paige would LOVE to sing on a KidzBop CD. She has one that is not too bad. I’d take High School Musical for the 1,245,865th time over it anyday, though.

  5. Hehe.. LAUGHING so hard at this post. We have been getting the CDs as well at our “favorite” restaurant. So far, it’s not been too bad…we don’t have this particular one yet, but it is SO SWEET to me hearing the kids sing along. (Ryan just because I’m estatic he’s actually being VERBAL, and Julia since she’s so darn cute singing so little!) Of course, most of our car trips are just running around town, in less than 10 minutes, so we never even get to hear the CD run all the way through. It is our drive to Destin I am worried about…humm…YIKES! Could a momma take 14 hours of this?!? =) hehe.

    • Erica, no worries…this song is from an old CD that some friends of ours had, so this one shouldn’t be coming home via the Happy Meal anytime soon.

  6. I am with you, my friend. Kidz Bop makes me want to drive off the road. It’s horrible. Why can’t we just let the kids listen to the origianls if we’re hell bent on exposing them to popular music? The whole idea of Kidz Bop makes no sense at all…

  7. Agreed!! Thanks to McDonalds and Abby deciding that McDonalds was the most logical choice for my mothers day meal – we are now the not so proud owners of a kidz bop cd that gets played endlessly – and not the whole thing – just #5 – the kidz bop anthem or whatever the #@*% you call it – over and over and over and over………. HELP ME!
    (thankfully it is a nice break from Jack and Jill – some stupid $1 cd from $ general – think 80 year old people singing nursery rhymes….)

  8. can i just say…cd#8 ……..We’ve Got The Beat……….WOO!! Too much.

  9. 20 seconds in and i was laughing!!!! woo! never heard of these cds since i’m sans children–i think they’re very weird. love jamie’s response about throwing it out!

  10. LOL! agreed! I made the mistake once of getting the cd…next time we went I asked for cookies instead!

  11. I keep throwing those darned things in the trash and Layla keeps digging them out. Now when I say they are lost, Layla questions me and asks “you didn’t throw it away did you Mommy?”.

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