Out of the Mouths of Babes, Part 15

Bennett, after dropping Luke off at kindergarten: Mom, who is the tallest and who is the puffiest in Luke’s class?


A Bennett saying that has made its way into family vernacular in just a little over a week’s time: (coughing) That food just went down the wrong drain!


Bennett: Luke, aren’t you going to play with me?

Luke (holding a Superman figurine, and using his best hero voice): No, sorry, I have to save the world right now!


Bennett, calling me over to the table, where he’s coloring with markers: Mom, I know what the pri-berry colors are: blue, red, and yellow.

Me (stifling a laugh): What are they called?

Bennett: PriVERY colors.

Me: Bennett, it’s priMARY colors.

Bennett: That’s what I said!

(Luke taught him his secondary colors after this!)


It was really quiet at dinner one night, and Luke commented, “I really like it when it’s nice and quiet like this for dinner.” It took all of Matt’s and my strength not to bust out laughing or let our eyeballs pop out of our heads because oh my gosh, Luke NEVER shuts his mouth. Ever. Never ever.


After I made Bennett lunch one day when Luke wasn’t here, he yelled out to me, “MOM!  I am NOT proud of you for making me something gross that I DO NOT like!”


Bennett: You “nudist” (noticed) that, Luke.


Luke, while watching commercials during a Cardinals game: Mom, every car company thinks that their car is the best.  They say so on every commercial!


Bennett gave me a too-tight hug around the neck that was actually uncomfortable – something he’s kind of known for – and when I asked him to tone it down a bit, he said, “I just gave you a nice MAN hug.”

(Since then, he’s also given me a “man” high five and a “man” handshake, and asked me to take him to the “man” section of Kohls to find him some clothes.)


I looked at Bennett’s eyes one morning last week and said, “Bennett, your eyes are looking kind of green!  I think they’re changing!”

He got a worried look on his face and asked, “Is it from the pollen?”

I assured him that pollen does not change your eye color, but that his eyes were just starting to look a little more like mine…after looking closely at my eyes and seeing they weren’t filled with pollen, I think he felt better.

Question: anyone else have kids whose eyes change colors this far past babyhood? All the books make it sound like it happens when they’re really little, but both of my older kids’ eyes have changed at age 3-5.


And one last pollen/allergy-related quote:

I was sneezing repeatedly and said something like, “Darn pollen!  It’s making me sneeze!”

Bennett replied, “It doesn’t make me sneeze.  I just do this (and made the snorting/sucking snot up into his head noise).”


10 responses to “Out of the Mouths of Babes, Part 15

  1. HILARIOUS! I especially love the man hug and man section of kohl’s part. and I think I would have laughed out loud when Luke commented on the quietness 🙂

  2. These are all hilarious! But, I think I laughed the hardest at Bennett being NOT proud of you for making something so gross. How dare you! 🙂 I think I hear that same thing from time to time here……

  3. LOVE IT! Especially that they’re already aware of commercials/marketing/advertising.

    Not EVERY car can be the best…ahah!

  4. Yes–Luke liking the peace & quiet!?
    Keep working on making your kids proud of you serving good food!

    Love from Puffy Nana Jo

  5. Three/four years old is my absolute favorite “sayings” age!!

    Eye color- YES! My kids both changed late too… Savannah’s were very blue until she was about three and they slowly changed to green/brown. May still be changing.
    Sawyer’s were even more blue to start with and just the past six months or so we’ve been noticing they seem to be getting quite a bit darker… they’re more a dark gray rather than blue.

    I always thought they were freak late eye changing kids… glad to know it’s might be a little more common! And it make me wonder what they’ll end up with!

  6. puffiest – very p.c. of him. lol.

  7. Oh my! I’ll count that for my ab exercises for the day!

  8. Ryan’s eyes didn’t begin to change until he was at least 3 if not older. They have changed from blue to golden green. I think Will’s are starting to change now too.

    Given that their hair color keeps changing, why not the eyes too?

  9. I love these! Especially the puffy comment. I’m going to use that from now on. One of my daughters eyes kept changing from brownish up to greenish until she was almost 5. I think it happens most with that brown/green combination. Blue eyes don’t seem to really change as much.

  10. Isn’t it crazy funny the stuff they say?

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