Fun Surprise!

I woke up this morning to discover THIS. How cool! My friend Kelli from Minivans are Hot (formerly “Three Times the Love”) writes for them, and she wrote about me! I was so surprised…thanks, Kelli!

It’s 2pm, and I’m just now eating lunch, which is my first meal of the day. I’ve got my sweet nephew Will here today, and things are going great. But it’s busy! Mainly it’s busy because of the baby and MY baby (who is 20 months old)…the older two can pretty much entertain themselves when needed. I know people have babies much closer together than this, but phew!

It will be a weekend full of pictures – check back when you have time. Baby pictures as well as lots from last night’s Cardinals victory over the Cubs (it was a sweep, complete with an Albert Pujols homerun that knocked the “I” in the “Big Mac” sign out!), which we took the two older boys to see along with all of my siblings and their spouses.

Have a safe, relaxing weekend!

5 responses to “Fun Surprise!

  1. Your welcome – It was fun to feature you. Can’t wait to see pictures. Hope Jack Henry is surviving his day of sharing mama.

  2. Congrats on the award! I would have to say I agree with everything Kelli said!!!

    Have a good time today with baby Will and a great holiday weekend!!

  3. that was a great article/post that she wrote on you…so true!

  4. Whatever. (’bout the Cubs game)

  5. Yeah for you!

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