Mystery Illness

A couple of nights ago, I went in to kiss the boys goodnight before I went to bed, as I do every night. I immediately cracked up because Jack Henry was shirtless, and that was not how he went to bed. My momentary amazement at his skills switched to panic pretty quickly. Of course, it was dark in his room, but I noticed a weird mark on his sheet that I knew wasn’t there earlier in the day, because I’d just changed his sheets. Matt had put him to bed while I was out for a run, so I hadn’t seen the crib at bedtime.

Anyway, I was a little alarmed, because in the dark on a red sheet*, it looked like a big circle of blood. I rolled him over and his face looked fine, but I still couldn’t help but wonder what the heck that was. He often takes a book to bed, so I thought maybe he’d drooled on a page and something had rubbed off?

I situated him on his pillow, and then I saw it – his knee was covered in some really strange rash or cuts or something (keep in mind that I’m still doing my sleuthing via the glow of the nightlight and a flashlight). I hollered for Matt, who first laughed at his shirtlessness, and then despite the fact that our boy was sleeping, just turned on the light to solve our mystery.

When we realized what it was, Matt said, “Go get the camera.”

jh marker knees 2

yep. he got into the markers again.

the mark that got my attention

the mark that got my attention

jh marker knees

he must be thinking, "will you please just leave me alone?"

Matt remembered wiping a bit of marker off his cheek before bed, but apparently he missed seeing the knees. I guess when Jack Henry started to sweat in his bed, it just wore off a little!

*In case there are any parents-to-be or parents redecorating a nursery reading this: do not ever buy red crib sheets.  Horrible idea.  How often do you wash red stuff?

11 responses to “Mystery Illness

  1. First – JH looks so big in his crib!!! He does not look like a baby anymore! Does that make you want another one?

    I think it is funny that you didn’t turn the light on, but were a little freaked out by the “rash” – I would totally do the same and Kevin would also suggest I turn the light on, I’m sure.

    If you live at my house, you would do a red/pink/purple load twice a week. We actually have a red and white gingham sheet. It gets washed regularly. Funny.

  2. that’s funny that he just decided to take off his shirt. i don’t think that luke can do that yet. another skill to work on.

  3. You obviously live in a house full of boys! It only takes one daughter to produce a load of pinks/reds every week!

    I do love the picture of him lying in bed looking at you!

  4. This is funny on so many levels! First, the fact that he is morphing into Bennett with taking his shirt off in bed. Then your puzzlement/panic in the dim light over the “blood/rash/cuts”! Next, the mystery being revealed in the bright light w/ JH squinting at you (& Matt being oblivious to his knees when he put him to bed!). And finally, the fact that JH colored all over his knees! (Maybe he was just covering up scabs/scratches!)

  5. Well, we do produce a lot of Illini orange laundry, so there is definitely a load a week – I guess I should have said how often do you wash reds on warm or hot? Because I like the sheets done on hot, but most of the rest of the reds/oranges get done on cold.

  6. P.S. re: your sidebar vote–can’t remember where I just read it, but it said that sunscreens are required to remain effective for 3 years; however, you can’t really know for sure how fresh they are when you buy them. (Don’t some have an expiration date on them?)

    Anyway, when I used to use tons of it (myself & on the kids), I always bought it AT LEAST once a yr., but now I pitch it after the 2nd yr. & buy new.

  7. He’s such a smart boy. He was “problem solving” by taking off his own shirt and not bothering Mom or Dad for that. Brilliant!

    Right, we do a load of reds frequently now. Jessica’s university has red as one of its colors so guess what color t-shirts they give away at many of their events? Oh yeah. I even have a “parent” shirt for that university now. Red.

  8. Too funny!!! Something i would totally do!!!
    I agree with Mandy – with girls around I have all kind of pink and red laundry!!

    This post cracked me up!!

    (PS on the sunscreen – i have a sister in law who used old sunscreen on her daughter and she thinks it had the opposite effect it was suppose to because her dauther burnt worse then she ever had before) this happened last summer and so this year i bought new even though i had PLENTY left over from last summer…. no way to know for sure if that is the reason her daughter burned so bad – but was enough to convince me to go buy new!)

  9. Maybe JH is telling you something…he wants a tattoo!

  10. Jill (thebaglady)

    This is so typical of many households I feel: Mom sneaking in the dark, trying to solve the mystery, all while she’s trying not to wake the baby. Then Dad comes along with the quick & easy answer – turn on the light.

    I’m impressed he took is shirt off my himself… not always an easy skill to learn.

  11. Sharon Aldridge

    I’ve really missed out by not reading your blog. Now I’ll have to go back and read ALL the ones I’ve missed. That will take away from my farming. Just wash the red with your orange and brown, plenty of those. Could only improve those colors. Lets see– marker on the knees or cutting your bangs (twice) Heidi?

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