Links You’ll Love

Ok, maybe you won’t love them, but I did.

First of all – did you know that you can subscribe to comments left on this blog? If you leave a comment and want to know what others say after you, it’s really easy. Fill out your comment and then check the box below the comment box…it will only subscribe you to those left after yours on that specific post, not on all my posts.

Here are the links:

::McKMama’s Pancakes – make these, and ASAP. They are delicious! The only change I made was that I didn’t use flaxseed oil (I know she puts it in a lot of things) and I used vanilla yogurt that we had already, which just made them sweeter. When I suggested drizzling honey over the pancakes instead of maple syrup, the boys looked at me like I had two heads. So we went with syrup. They were even good reheated.

::Here’s an old Stuff Christians Like post that I really loved, and always meant to link to. It’s about balance -and the story of a guy who essentially bought time with his family for $3 an hour. Intrigued? Go read it.

::This site will make you laugh, guaranteed. Many thanks to my brother Zach for sending me the link. It’s called Awkward Family Photos…go check it out. A couple of my favorites: Mommy-the-Pooh, Summer Squash, and Grin and Bear It. Be sure to read the captions below the pictures.

::I’ve mentioned Cake Wrecks before, but please go to today’s post…on Sundays, she posts beautiful cakes, and today’s was about children’s books. And she also mentions Kanye West, who said some ridiculous things last week about books/reading. Seriously. Moronic.

::And on a more serious note, I’ve talked about Compassion International before, but here are 2 amazing blog posts: one on releasing generations from poverty, and another about an amazing little girl. Though the cost to sponsor a child has recently risen slightly (to $38 a month), it’s still an amount that many can afford with just a little sacrifice…feel free to ask any questions about sponsoring a child, and I’ll find you the answer if I don’t have it.

Side note to the people who Googled “allergies or swine flu?” and “I wish I had a superpower” and found my blog: I hope you found what you were looking for.

So – do a little reading, and come back and let me know what you thought!

6 responses to “Links You’ll Love

  1. I just bought the stuff to make the pancakes also. I also got the ingredients to make her hummus. I can’t wait to try them both!!

  2. I do love those links 🙂 (And I love me some cake wrecks!)

    AND I kick myself for not asking you more about superpowers. 🙂

    Blessings my friend!

  3. Funny that you should mention the swine – we’ve been hit by it and four out of the six of us are suffering. One nearly healthy again and three in the thick of it. All six of us are on Tamiflu…

    Yes, I am one of the sickies. Boo hoo.

  4. Jill (thebaglady)

    “rear window” was also a great picture/commet.

  5. I’ve checked out all the links. Of course, I’ve already got Stuff Christians Like & Cake Wrecks in my favorites, and now I’ve also got the Awkward Family Photos one marked! This was some good reading! The pancakes sound marvelous.

  6. awkward family moments is the only one i have taken time to look at today and it is hilarious!
    thanks for sharing these!

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