What a weekend…

It started off great on Friday night by Matt and I leaving the kiddos in the capable hands of our regular sitter, and heading to a place we’ve wanted to try for a while now: Vin de Set. Highly recommended; be sure to get a seat on the rooftop so you can see downtown STL! We met two couples there (the husbands all work together) and had a great meal and really nice time. I ate quinoa for the first time and will definitely be buying it as a replacement for rice/couscous in our house. My children will no doubt be thrilled.

Then, we loaded up the kids on Saturday morning and headed to Effingham, where I was helping to host a sip ‘n see shower for baby Will and Zach and Michon. Have you heard of a sip ‘n see? It’s basically a baby shower that occurs after the baby is born: you come by an open house and “sip” drinks and “see” the baby (my first experience with this was when Kelli’s Tia arrived a bit ahead of schedule and we had to move the shower back. And it was great!). Apparently it’s some old southern tradition, used for lots of different occasions. Anyway, I got the grand idea that I would make Bakerella’s cupcake pops and the Pioneer Woman’s Apple Tart*, in addition to several other things that Hayley and my SIL Dana and I were putting together.

If you plan to make cupcake pops, I recommend that you have several hours at your disposal, as well as several helpers. Our lineup looked like this:
Bake cake: Hayley
Crumble cake: Hayley and me
Make into cake balls (one cake made about 35-37): Hayley
Form into cupcakes: Me (this totally did NOT work…I wish I hadn’t spent the 45 minutes it took to do her step 6 on the tutorial. I should have just resigned myself to the fact that they were NOT going to look like cupcakes, but just cute cake balls. Kelli M, this is when you got that text message from me.)
Melt chocolate for bottom of pops: Dad
Dip pops in chocolate: Me
Put sticks in dipped pops: Dad
Cover foam blocks to put finished pops in: Dana and me
Melt chocolate for top of pops: Dad
Dip pops in blue chocolate: Me
Sprinkle pops with candy sprinkles: Jake and Dana (one to sprinkle, one to turn the stick to make sure everything was covered)
Put pops in foam blocks: Jake

So you see, it was a group effort. And once I got over the fact that they didn’t look exactly how they were supposed to, I was really excited about the way they turned out…they were SO cute. Will’s room is brown and blue, so they were a perfect match.

cake pops

We were all proud of our work. See? Sidenote: Happy first Anniversary to Jake and Dana! No rain this year, kids.

jake dana cake pops

sip n see food

I’m so glad we did this…I’d debated about having a shower before Will was born for all of my mom’s friends in Effingham, but it felt really awkward to do so without my mom there. To me, this was very comfortable, and a really sweet celebration of a really sweet baby’s new life. It was great to see my parents’ friends gathered in my childhood home, welcoming the newest member of our family, just as they would have done if my mom had been here.

Here’s the guest of honor!

will sip n see 1will sip n see 2

*Don’t forget to grease the pan like I did…it’s not pretty. It’s also not pretty to bake these on a sheet that does not have sides, unless you want to make your dad’s oven fill with blackened sauce that cooks off the edge onto the bottom of your dad’s oven. Hypothetically speaking.

9 responses to “Whew!

  1. That food spread looks great! Definitely photo worthy.

    And oh my goodness! Will has grown and changed so much! He even looks different than he did just 2 weeks ago when you watched him at your house.

    I’ve never had quinoa (I think) but most of us like couscous. I’ll have to look into that.

  2. That was a great idea. And the popsicle cupcakes look so cute, but sound like an army needs to help prepare them:)

  3. I can’t believe how big Will looks. He looks just like Michon.

  4. Nicole! They look great! Your text message had me thinking it was a disaster. How did they taste? Oh & how did the apple tart come out?

  5. TOO much work. I’m such a minimalist and it’s something I’m working on. But man, that Will is handsome!

  6. Thanks for inviting me! Everything was great! I actually made the apple tart last night for dessert when our neighbors came over – easy, delish and love the rustic look. Thanks again!

  7. Everything looks great! Love the cupcake idea, might have to try that sometime soon. The apple tart looks delish too!

  8. The shower spread looked & tasted GREAT! Love the pic of Dana & Jake snapping the “cupcakes” with their phones!

    I know Will is supposed to look like Michon, and he does, but I also really see Zach.

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