Skipping a Beat

As a mom, I feel like I’ve had my fair share of moments that have made my heart skip a beat…like the moment I realized I was going to have to take a barely-2-year-old Bennett to the emergency room by myself because he’d cut his head open. Or the first time Luke, newly able to sit, fell over backwards onto the hardwood floor of our old dining room…I can still hear that horrible thud. Or the time Jack Henry crawled out the side door.

Today I had one of those moments.

We went downtown to have lunch with Matt, which is always an adventure. I used to do this frequently when we just had Luke, a little less frequently when we added Bennett, and even less after adding Jack Henry…it’s just too much of a circus. They did great at lunch, consuming quite possibly the largest pb&j sandwiches I’ve ever seen, and after a detour through the bank, we were on our way back to our van, parked a couple of blocks away.

One of Matt’s coworkers was walking out with me as she headed for some lunch. We went out this side exit near the spot where a street is completely blocked off by the construction of a new building. So to the left, there’s no traffic, and it doesn’t even look like a street. But to the right, cars are coming off a busy road, and they’re able to turn very close to where we cross the street. I was pushing the stroller and Luke and Bennett were several steps in front of me.

Bennett ran out into the street as a car was coming – honestly, I think the driver saw him before I did, but it was close. Not screeching-of-the-brakes close, but way too close for comfort. I screamed his name, and he turned back to me and ran over to where I was. (Sidenote: you know how you always worry when your kids don’t listen to you the first time, how it makes you think, “If it was really an emergency and there was no time to say it twice, would they listen?” I found out today that the answer is yes – when they can read the panic in your voice, panic that you can’t replicate without good cause, they’ll listen.)

He was scared and hugged me for a long time. I hope I never again come anywhere close to feeling like I did today.

In other news: apparently, my van is invisible today. I’ve been cut off THREE TIMES, and on the third time, Bennett said, “Mom, aren’t you going to honk at him? He’s too close!” Guess what I did the first two times I got cut off…

7 responses to “Skipping a Beat

  1. That made MY heart skip a beat – can’t imagine yours…. thank goodness he is safe!
    A note on the crazy drivers — must be the moon – they are HORRIBLE here in Effingham today too!!!

  2. Oh my goodness! It sounds like Bennett got a bit of a scare with that one too.

  3. You’re right – scary. I’m freaky walking across traffic at the Target parking lot. Seriously.

  4. Scary! I had a moment like that yesterday when Sean was riding his bike on the sidewalk and a car backed out of their garage. I screamed his name and he listened the first time too.

  5. scary but i’m so glad everything was okay.

  6. My heart stopped for you! Hunter never listens the first time..

  7. So scary. I know what your “I’m thankful for . . .” addition to the blessing was that evening.

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