In our house, this game is not for wusses. It’s all-out-war when Matt and I get the Scrabble game out!

We played again last night for the second time in the last couple of weeks. I LOVE this game. To give you a taste of how competitive we are:

• since college, we’ve been keeping track of who has won every one of our 70+ matchups.  For a long time, I was ahead…then I started having babies, and my brain power was zapped (seriously, I think that’s what happened – brain cells leak out into your placenta or something) and Matt took the lead. He’s still winning by 4 games, I think.

• we also track words that have resulted in really high points accumulation.  I currently have the only two on the list with “glitter” (I used all 7 tiles and got a 50 point bonus) worth 70 points, and “acquit” worth 72 (when played on a triple word score and with a double letter).  Matt came close last night with the word “whiz”, which was 62 points, but he deemed it not worthy of the list.  I have to agree…the threshold is 65 points or higher in my mind.  Plus, I won’t lie; I like being the only player on that list.

Last night I came back from a huge deficit and took the lead, only to have Matt finish the game with an 11-point play (if you play Scrabble, you know that your last play of the game is usually only a couple of points).

I love that we’re both dorky enough to keep this competition going.

11 responses to “Scrabble

  1. it’s nice to hear that jastin and i aren’t the only competitive dorks out there. my sister and i have gone to punches over scrabble (not condoned). while j and i prefer to be competitive at golf i might need to suggest a game of scrabble once we get settled in GA. if we do, i’ll let you know who wins ;)…it better be me!

  2. I remember playing scrabble in college with you a couple times. I suck.

  3. I gotta tell you that I mentioned this Scrabble thing between you and Matt (you mentioned it in a previous blog post) to Jessica a week or so ago. She thinks you and Matt are such a cute couple. LOL! 🙂

    I love the high-point words list.

  4. we’re total scrabble dorks here. i usually win, although eric beat me last time by maybe 50 points (ouch!). i always like words that start w/ re- and end in -ed.

  5. I had NO IDEA you guys had an ongoing scrabble competition going!

  6. i love it! jeff and i were so bad years ago, that we even took “connect four” competitions to a whole new level… i think scrabble should be included on one of my wedding registries 🙂

  7. I think that is a wonderful tradition! You will have so much fun looking at that when you are old and grey. I agree with you about pregnancy hormones causing brain cell leakage. Menopause does the same thing. I’m not sure I could even play scrabble anymore.

  8. I LOVE this… my bf and I played Scrabble for the first time the other night and will probably have a rematch this weekend.

    I’ll try to remember to keep a running tally… unless he wins again 🙂

  9. This is so funny. My sister and brother in law and I have a pink velvet journal where we keep track of Scrabble games, complete with time stamps and notes: “7:15 – Randy plays the word “hintle”, is challenged by Laurie then cries about it when he loses his turn because he cannot prove “hintle” is a “woodworking tool”. It’s fun to look back through the book on those old games. Scrabble can seriously make me cry. I’m not overly-competitive, until you play Scrabble with me, then I’m out of my mind. I suppose now is not a good time to tell you how fun FB Scrabble is!! 🙂

  10. p.s. I got like a 75 pointer with “quiz” with a TW, DL. It was brilliant. Brilliant, I say.

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