Too Tired to Come up with a Catchy Title.

What a fun weekend – it involved a wedding, an overnight date (I know, can you believe it?), a baseball game, a trip to the pool, church, another baseball game, and a visit from an old (but younger than me!) friend.

On Friday night, Matt’s parents were gracious enough to come stay at our house while we attended the wedding of a high school friend of Matt’s here in St. Louis. We stayed at a hotel a half-mile from the reception, which was at Dave & Buster’s. We chose the hotel because it had a shuttle to D&B. So naturally, when we checked in right before the reception, we expected to take the shuttle…except it wasn’t available for another 30 minutes or so. Which was too long to wait – the reception was getting started. So we decided to walk. Not that big of a deal since it wasn’t that far, and it was a cool evening…however, there was no sidewalk, and I was wearing these. It was a bit unpleasant, but we made the best of it.

trying out didn't work very well.

trying out didn't work very well.

Congratulations to our friends Kevin and Deb! The reception was really fun, and very nicely done. Also, congrats to our other friends, Jack and Jen, who got engaged the night before the wedding. Did I take a picture of them? No. Of course not.

the nice posed picture

the nice posed picture...

And, by Saturday morning, I remembered why I never drink more than two drinks…not good. Since I’m always looking for the silver lining, I’ll say that this was a good reminder of why I never again want to have a hangover. We slept late, and a breakfast of Key West Crepeggs sans turkey at First Watch got me back on the road to normalcy. (Again, First Watch? You had me at hello…or rather, you had me at a combination of bacon, eggs, cheese and avocado. And salsa. Yum.)

Nana Jo and Papa Ron stayed to watch Luke’s baseball game, where he got to play both first base and catcher, and got three hits. Man, that kid loves baseball. It was SO hot…the boys were just drenched in sweat. Jack Henry kept himself busy playing with extra baseballs.

he's so cute i could just eat him up!

love him.

We decided that our inaugural trip to the local pool should happen on Saturday evening – everyone had a great time, of course. I was so glad that Matt was with us…I was right. We need two adults to be with our kids. Jack Henry is FEARLESS. Kinda frightening. And, he has to wear silicone ear plugs due to his tubes, which he hates. Bennett, of all people, is a bit timid in the water, so I’m especially curious as to what swimming lessons will be like for him. Luke loves being in the water, but is just pretty inexperienced, so lessons will be great for him, and will hopefully give him a little more courage to go under.

all ready to go!

all ready to go!

Sunday morning brought church, with a timely sermon that I enjoyed, as well as the worship band playing one of my favorite songs…since I almost never made it to an actual church service during the school year (I worked in the nursery), it’s possible they’ve been playing this song for a while and I just haven’t heard it. Anyway, it made me think I could sing like Laura Story. Which I cannot.

random picture - i just love his outfit and i finally got him to wear sandals for the first time!  he's starting to be influenced by wanting to be like the "big guys."

random picture - i just love his outfit and i finally got him to wear sandals for the first time! he's starting to be influenced by wanting to be like the "big guys."

Luke had another ballgame today, and I opted out so Jack Henry could nap…unfortunately, he did not capitalize on his opportunity to have a long nap and woke after 90 minutes. However, he was fine, and we all got a nice visit with Hannah this afternoon.

I’m tired. The end.

10 responses to “Too Tired to Come up with a Catchy Title.

  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! And very busy!

    I LOVE First Watch too!

  2. Sat. night = end of a VERY hot day = great evening to go to the pool! Bet the boys were ready to hit the bed that night!

    Loved the pic of My Son, The Hitchhiker!

    So glad it worked out so perfectly for us to come over!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend – minus the hangovers – they are NO fun!!

    Katie is fearless around water too – very scary!

  4. I wish I would have known about the hotel by Dave And Busters – I could have returned the help you gave us beacuse we only live about a half mile from Dave and Busters!! Cute pictures.

  5. Sounds like a very fun weekend! Cute pic of you and Matt!

    OK, each time I read one of your posts, they remind me so much of my kids (your #2 sounds just like my #2, your #3 like mine, etc). Kenzie is already showing signs of being fearless in the water. She will stick her entire face in the tub water trying to get her mouth around the drain….see? puts everything in her mouth! And Kayla?…very timid in the water compared to the other two. I just think that’s so interesting!

  6. That’s one of my favorite songs, too! I actually think I have an unfinished post written about it somewhere . . .

  7. Y’all are so cute! Sounds like a fun weekend!

  8. hi nicole!

    okay so i am going a round-about way to get a hold of you because as i’m sure you know, you won my first ever giveaway. i completely forgot to ask katie for your email address this morning… so i found you here instead! sorry it has taken me so long! throw me an email when you get a chance and include your address so i can send that cute little set of notecards to you! thanks again for participating! : )

  9. Yay! I always love seeing you. . . and the whole fam! I was thinking on my way over that I haven’t seen Matt in. . . years. Thanks for letting me hang out for a bit! I got sidetracked and failed to mention it when discussing your running, but you look great! Have a good week! 🙂

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