First, if you want to see the birthday pictures and the boys’ artwork, go back to yesterday’s post, which I’ve updated.

I am desperate for more sleep. Now, I could be smart about things and go to bed earlier, and that would help. However, I don’t get that much time in the day for myself or to spend with Matt, so I’m reluctant to regularly call it a day at 9pm. Instead, I want my kids to sleep later than, oh, say, 5:45am. I’m not kidding.

Jack Henry’s always been an early riser. We’ve tried putting him to bed later, and it doesn’t help. He still wakes no later than 6:15 most mornings. I thought that the sun coming in his window (despite a room-darkening shade that isn’t a perfect fit for the window – thank you, previous homeowners! You’re the best!) had to be what was waking him. So last week, I used masking tape to secure the shade to the window. Classy. But, alas, a LOT of light gets let in at the top of the window, where I cannot tape anything to anything else. So that wasn’t a good solution, and nevermind, it looked awful.

The last straw was Monday morning, when Jack Henry woke up at 5:30, and woke Luke, too, who was not able to fall back asleep. This can get to be day-ruining after a while, because Luke doesn’t nap, but he sure does get cranky when he’s tired (ditto all of that for Bennett – he just happened to not wake up early yesterday). Usually, when Jack wakes up, I bring him into our room if it’s after 6, and before that, I make him stay in his bed with some books. But if he’s loud, I get him up pretty quickly so that he won’t wake the boys. When Luke was up for the day that early, I had to do something.

This is what I did.

isn't it lovely?

isn't it lovely?

I actually nailed a blanket to the wall. And then we had to move the crib so that he doesn’t try to pull it down.

How did it work, you ask? Oh, Jack Henry woke up today at 5:10. Yep. Even better than before. Seriously, I cannot catch a break. I know that paybacks are h*ll, and I was an early riser, so this is probably some sort of cosmic “gotcha!” that I’m suffering through. Don’t mind me if I shoot lasers from my eyes at you while you tell me your child sleeps past 8am.

Honestly, I’m thinking of covering the window in the big boys’ room, too…Luke is awakened pretty easily in the morning, and this might help. Our house will look hoosier for a while, but if I’m sleeping past the crack of dawn, I don’t think I care.

In the meantime, I’m looking into a white noise machine or something for Jack Henry’s room…the birds (which I hate. I hate birds. There, I said it.) are so loud in the morning in this blessed wooded neighborhood of ours that I’m started to wonder if that’s what’s causing such an early morning wake-up.

Pardon me now, while I slip away for a few moments of shut-eye…Bennett’s got a fever today and is watching a movie, Jack Henry’s napping (of course), and Olivia (big thanks to you!) has Luke at the pool for a bit…

22 responses to “Desperation.

  1. I hear you, my friend. Landon is up no later than 6:15, 6:30 on a good day. And I hate to tell you, but we’ve got dark shades and a noise machine, neither of which do much good. The positive in that Sloan an dTia re sleeping a little later now, unless, of course, Landon wakes them up.

    I keep reminding myself that this too shall pass. It is most frustrating in the summer when we really want them to sleep late. During the school year, though, I was actually glad for my morning alarm because it got us going and ready much earlier.

    Hang in there!

  2. I remember those days. I’m so sorry. I feel your pain.

  3. This is bad; I can feel your frustration and exhaustion. Wish I had some gem of wisdom, but alas . . .

    Although it might help a little if you were able to just snooze a little while JH’s napping and the older boys are having a quiet time, I know you have other things to do during that time while you have some peace & quiet.

    No answers here . . . I PRAY that this stage doesn’t last so long.

  4. Man! I was going to give you a call, but thought I’d check the blog posts first. Glad I did. Hopefully you’re snoozing deeply.

  5. We have this one for Jack’s room:

    It’s $19.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond. We use the waterfall setting at the loudest volume (which sounds loud at first, but it drowns EVERYTHING out). I can’t even hear the phone ring when I’m in there with him. I was worried about creating a dependency on it, but he falls to sleep ok with out it, too. He just wakes up earlier and much more easily without it.

    I’ve already added another one to our list for baby #2.

  6. I’ve just noticed that the one in the link has a timer on it. Ours doesn’t . . . it can stay on all night long!

    One down side is that we have a noise activated monitor, so that kind of buzzes all night long too, but it’s not too bad . . . that is, when we remember to turn the monitor on anymore.

  7. I have an early riser – my oldest – has been since she has been on a regular sleep schedule – at about 6 weeks old. She is up no later then 6 am most days – somedays (like today – a LOT earlier – like say 3:30 am) Okay today was an exception because of a stuffed up nose – but most days she will get up before my alarm goes off at 5:45. I also have tried the classy dark sheet nailed to the wall – but when it wasn’t working i just took it back down. I myself do not mind getting up early – as long as i get to bed at a decent time the night before (before 10)…. but there are those days that i would like to just sleep in you know really late – like 6:30!

    In the same boat with you girl….. hang in there and I will too! 😉

  8. Jill (thebaglady)

    Sooo sorry for the early mornings. I really hope he’ll grow out of it.

    If it makes you feel any better Blake still won’t sleep through the night. He climbs in bed with us 1/2 way through – very annoying. I’m counting on him phasing this out before, oh say, age 16!

  9. i have to keep this short because well, i haven’t updated my own blog in forever and have way to much to do and shouldn’t even be on the computer.

    white noise machine…

    pricey but so worth it. i have tried many because i can’t sleep without it. this is the best i have found. it’s perfect for at home and can easily be packed in a suitcase for travel.

  10. I’m sorry! I remember that frustration. When my children were younger I just couldn’t go to bed early. I *needed* that free time in the evenings, but then I would be so exhausted…it’s a hard time. Hope you find a solution.

  11. I swear by sound machines. It saves me! I have 3 HoMedics. We even burned one out from using it too much. We even travel with ours. Spring rain sounds just as good as white noise. Its a constant without pausing. That makes a world of a difference!

  12. Did you read my post on how we threw blankets over Aiden’s windows??? Talk about classy! They helped for like a day, but then he went back to his 5:50 wake up time. I SO feel for you!! I took them off and went back to letting him watch too much TV in the mornings (easy for the almost 3-year old, not so easy for you and Jack Henry). We have the same sound machine sara mentioned in Brady’s room (Aiden has a different one). I love it!!!

    • I knew someone else had put blankets on their kid’s windows! Jack Henry does watch some TV in the mornings…it’s how I can at least stay in bed a little while longer. And we brought some toys in our room.

      Getting a sound machine tomorrow.

  13. Another vote for the sound machine….. louder than you initially feel comfortable with. The birds are the devil and I think when they are just in that “twilight sleep” in the early morning, the birds wake them up – heck, the birds wake me up (or cars or lawnmowers, etc.).

    Hang in there – it’s just a season.

  14. Send Jack over to my house He and I are on about the same schedule.

  15. duh – how could i not have thought of this yet ….. since we just got a new t.v. for our own bedroom, we should put the old one in jack’s room. we can also put the remote control in his crib at night when he goes to bed. then, when he wakes up in the morning, he can just turn on playhouse disney by himself (while we’re still sleeping) and watch for a couple hours. dang, i’m good.

  16. I liked Papa’s remark–so true!

    Matt–you may have something going there! That little fella is so danged smart that I bet he’d learn in no time exactly which buttons to push on the remote! And when the big boys wake up, they can just go in JH’s room and join him. I bet you could sleep right through all this! (Heck, buy the sound machine for YOUR room!) Problem solved! 🙂 I’m kidding, sorta.

  17. Will is an early riser too, although not as early as Jack, so I feel for you! I’m so not a morning person either. I like Matt’s idea though! Will has learned to bypass our room and head straight downstairs to watch TV. Good and bad, I get to sleep longer, but I never know when he’s gotten up, so I don’t know how much TV has already been watched. Hopefully this stage will pass soon!

  18. We had a totally ghetto solution – but it worked. We taped black garbage bags – the really thick kind – on our son’s window. It was the only thing that ever kept all of the sun out and kept him from getting up before 6. It looked awful, but fortunately his bedroom is in the back of the house so you couldn’t really see it.

  19. OH GIRL!! We have SO BEEN HERE! And there IS HOPE!! We have those AWFUL semi-circle windows on top of the regular windows, and just TRY and cover those. We, too have had a blanket nailed to the wall up there (there really isn’t any classy fix I can see, although I’ve dreamed about bringing in a cutout of the size and having the guys at Home Depot cut me a wood board that size and I could at least paint it to match the room..but when you are sleep deprived, who wants to make such an effort when an albeit crazy looking blanket hammered to the wall works!). Oh..and ours too was on top of a blackout shade. YEAH RIGHT!
    Go with your gut on those sound machines. I really SWEAR this is the reason our kids sleep in! The birds have been waking ME these days, of course they wake the kids! Before the sound machines, I would cringe on trash pickup days, because the mere sound of the truck driving down the street or even the school bus some days would wake them up. Sound machines are AWESOME. We even travel with them these days! MIRACLE!!! I find that the ocean sound covers up more of those outdoor sounds than the white noise, and although the “rain” sound is really nice too, I often wonder if it would somehow sublimily make Ryan pee the bed?! =)
    Good luck!

  20. Great Aunt Carol

    I wonder if hating birds is genetic? My Sara hates and is afraid of birds. I tell her, “for goodness sake, Sara, they are beautiful and they won’t hurt you” I have to tell you a story from Sara’s past. She was probably 16 and babysitting for Kris’ 2 boys. Somehow a bird got into the house. She panicked…threw a blanket over the boys heads and called me and was screaming! I told her who to call and she did and he got the bird out. I asked Tony later, who was 3 at the time….”what did Aunt Sara say when she saw the bird”? His reply…..”her say, my dod, my dod, a bood”!! I still tease him about this.

  21. We have had sleep issues with 2 of our 3 and met with the “sleep lady” at St Lukes. She is AMAZING and will have them straightened out in days! I was so frustrated that I waited months to go with Ayden. I did not make that mistake with Ella. I’m not sure about your insurance but ours covered 100%! Let me know if you want the info on her. Good luck!

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