Great Mysteries of Motherhood, Part 6

Why is it that your kids only have something to say to you when you are on the phone with someone? And that thing they suddenly HAVE to tell you is something like, “Mom, here’s a paper from my school bag. You’re supposed to read it.” And the paper says something to the effect of “there’s a child with a SEVERE peanut allergy in your child’s summer school class. Please take extra care not to send any products that have been manufactured in a plant where peanuts are used.” And then there’s a ton more information about peanut allergies and how serious they are, and you realize that you sent your child to school that day with a peanut butter granola bar. Awesome.

Epilogue: Thankfully, there was nary an ambulance or EpiPen in sight at school that day, so I think everything’s fine…

6 responses to “Great Mysteries of Motherhood, Part 6

  1. Jill (thebaglady)

    Blake HATES when I’m on the phone = he doesn’t get my full attention.

    Glad Luke’s peanut friend was okay.

  2. Can’t help it . . . every time I hear a mom-on-the-phone story, I have to tell about the time 1) Matt used my phone time to smear Desitin all over his Matchbox cars–and that paste is NOT easy to wash off!–and 2) got into some fresh paint in the pan on the floor (I know, stupid of me–I should have just let the phone ring) and tracked it on carpet from our kitchen to his room.

  3. i’m worse than you. last year i brought peanut butter granola bars for kenny’s entire tball team. i didn’t know it but one of the kids had a peanut allergy. luckily his parents were there to catch it but i should have known better since there are so many people w/ peanut allergies out there.
    and i agree 100% about being interrupted while on the phone.

  4. Freaky! Yes, it’s quite the mystery.

  5. Ha! Yes, everything happens when mom is on the phone. Glad his friend is OK.

  6. Peanut allergies are a huge deal at my school right now. Teachers are no longer able to have any type of food day in the classrooms— which means no more pie on Pi Day.

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